A Birthday and an Anniversary

As of today, we’re officially living with a teenager. However, our teenager is also a senior citizen. That’s because today we are celebrating our beloved Katie-dog turning THIRTEEN! As the title post mentions, we’re also celebrating an anniversary – the anniversary of having Katie in my life and our family for five wonderful years. I didn’t adopt her on October 1st, but a few days later (I would have to look at the adoption records to remember the exact date…) but I figure they’re close enough to celebrate them together. 


Given that Katie was a rescue, we can’t be 100% sure that today, October 1st, is in fact her real birthday, but we suspect it might actually be the real day. Katie was an “owner surrender.” We’re not exactly sure of all the circumstances surrounding the surrender to the humane society, but I figure that her previous owner probably knew when her birthday was, or at least her birthday month, which is perhaps why her birthday was listed at the very beginning on the month. Having a birthday on a first of the month is actually kind of a “thing” in our family….my grandmother, my mom, my uncle and myself all celebrate birthdays on a first, so Katie is the fifth member of that club.


Katie at the Cottage

When most people hear that you have a thirteen year-old dog, they say “awww” and have a sad look in their eyes. I’m asking you not to do that for Katie today, because today is a day of celebration. We’re celebrating that, despite not being in the best of health at the time she was surrendered, that someone was kind and compassionate enough to get her to the humane society rather than dumping her somewhere to fend for herself. As a result, Katie was nursed back to health by the amazing staff at the humane society and adopted to me. Her long life would not have been possible without all of those events. We’re also celebrating Katie’s relative good health. Every thirteen year old dog is going to have a few health problems, but Katie’s are pretty minor. She has skin allergies that are completely unrelated to her age, she’s gone deaf but we’re slowly figuring out how to manage, and she does have a bit of arthritis but is not yet on any daily medication for the pain (although we might look at starting an anti-inflammatory this winter). All in all, her quality of life is pretty great – and if that’s not something to celebrate, then I don’t know what is. 

So how are we celebrating today? By doing several of Katie’s favorite things, of course! We’ve already started out with some snuggles and rubs in bed, followed by covering one end of her rawhide stick with peanut butter (that got her pretty excited). She’s chilling with me on the couch as I write this blog post and drink my morning coffee, although that’s a pretty normal part of our daily routine! I’ll be taking her on a little jaunt around the neighborhood, which she should quite enjoy today because it’s nice and cool outside. We’ll spend some time on the lanai where she’ll lay in a sunbeam. At some point I’ll head over to Moochie & Co. to pick up some birthday treats, which are Katie’s favorites. I might also try my and at making my own, which I’ve wanted to do for the longest time!

Katie Cartoon


 Happy Birthday Katie!