P1000136Hi! I’m Ashlen.

A Diamond with Sapphires was born after I married my husband Dave in October 2013 to share our journey through this crazy thing called life! The name of the blog is a reference to my beautiful engagement ring, which was designed for me by my husband Dave.


About Ashlen

I was born and bred in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a city three hours north of Fargo, North Dakota. At the age of 14 I moved to South Carolina, and remained there until I went to college.

In 2011 I graduated with my Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. After a brief stint working at a hospital in Wichita, KS I returned to central Indiana to marry Dave. We’ve decided to set down our roots in Indiana, and are currently building the house where we hope to spend the rest of our life. In my spare time I enjoy baking, cooking, and knitting.

About DaveDavid Mathew

The co-star of this blog is Dave, my wonderful husband. He was born and bred in the state of Indiana. He spent a couple of years studying engineering at Purdue University before transferring to the prestigious Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, where he graduated with his degree in computer engineering. Dave took a job as a software engineer after college but has transitioned into more of a product manager / user experience guru in the past few years. He’s the one that helped me set up the blog, and the guy I go to every time I need technical advice. Thanks to Dave our home is filled with the newest technology and some handy tech gadgets.

2014-02-04 Katie

About Katie

Meet Katie, our adorable cocker spaniel / shih-tzu mix. She was adopted by Ashlen during college from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. She loves belly rubs and rawhide bones. 

About the Family

I grew up in the kitchen with my mom. She taught herself everything she knows about cooking and baking, so I’m pretty lucky to have had her as my teacher. She taught me just about everything I know about baking, and one day I hope to be half as good as her. Most of my cooking recipes are my childhood favorites. I stick to her principle of making as much as possible from scratch!

My dad is the driving force in my life, always pushing me to be better. He has four college degrees which makes him pretty knowledgeable in several different areas. He’s my go-to guy for everything from finances to home-building. Oh yeah, and he taught me how to paint my nails. Seriously. He says it’s not that different from the techniques you use when painting a wall.

Wild Animal Park - Mom and Dad

Mischa 36Last but certainly not least is my parent’s dog Mischa. She’s a bichon frise / shih tzu mix. At just over 10 lbs, she’s an exuberant ball of fur who wins over the hearts of everyone she meets, even people who don’t like dogs. Her favorite activity is playing with her ball.


Those are the main cast of characters in these stories. I hope you enjoy the stories of our lives!

  • I found your blog via the Wedding Wednesday link-up! My engagement ring is also a diamond with sapphires, although my diamond is light blue. AND my mom’s engagement ring is sapphire with diamonds. Clearly I support your husband’s taste in jewelry!

    • I’m glad you found me! I’ve never heard of / met anyone else with sapphires in their engagement ring, so that’s super cool! My wedding band is actually composed of diamonds and sapphires as well, and I’m so in love with them. It’s such a stunning and unique combination! My husband’s a keeper. Obviously yours must be too!

  • Tif Fannin

    Stopping by form #H54F. Cute blog! I always enjoy finding other professionals who blog–gotta have some outlet for our creative side:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  • How IS it that I did not know you were in Indiana…and Indy at that??? That is so cool!! 🙂 I love find people from Indy! Are you going to go to the Influence Conference?