The Cabinet Debacle

We arrived home in Indiana last night, and after unloading Katie-dog and the backseat we immediately headed over to check on the house progress. That’s right, we didn’t even wait to unload the trunk, that’s how excited I was to see my cabinets. We knew that the cabinets were supposed to be delivered and installed while we were gone. It certainly was very exciting to see them, but also very frustrating when I realized that a bunch of things were very, very wrong. 

Let’s start in the kitchen. I love our island. It’s perfect.



I love love love my wine storage in the island.
I love love love my wine storage in the island.

From the pictures you can obviously tell that we still need counters and appliances. The big hole in the island is for our dishwasher. Unfortunately the sarsaparilla finish shows all the construction dust. It will look bea-u-ti-ful once it’s cleaned up a bit!

The perimeter cabinets are another story. We’re supposed to have Aristokraft’s Overton laminate cabinets in “Toasted Antique.” Instead, we have Aristokraft’s Winstead 5-piece maple cabinets in “Antique White.” Wrong style, wrong, material, wrong finish color. We never even discussed or considered the Winstead style. I have no idea what went wrong or how it wasn’t discovered prior to delivery and installation. 

Aristokraft Winstead Cabinets


Compare the picture above to our original choice: 

Aristokraft Overton Toasted Antique

The Winstead style and the stark white color is a much more modern look than we want. It has to go.

The only other cabinet on the main level is in the powder bathroom. Despite the fact that I made a last-minute change to this vanity, everything with it was correct. It has a sarsaparilla finish, just like the kitchen island. The modification I made was to lower the vanity down by a couple inches. It’s about 30” tall versus the other cabinets which are about 36” tall. We did that because we picked out a vessel sink for the powder room. 


When I headed upstairs, I thought I noticed a problem with the vanities in our Jack & Jill bathroom. They also appeared to have the sarsaparilla finish, and I had thought we had picked an umber finish. Turns out I was right. This mistake isn’t a huge deal because we’re using the exact same granite in all the upstairs bathrooms, including our bathroom, which is supposed to have a sarsaparilla finish. So I know the granite will work with either finish. I had originally picked the umber finish in the Jack & Jill bathroom because sarsaparilla starts to look awfully dark (almost black) in rooms without any windows. The umber finish lightens things up a bit. So I could live with this mistake, but it’s still a mistake…grumble. 

One of our Jack & Jill bathroom vanities in sarsaparilla...not umber.
One of our Jack & Jill bathroom vanities in sarsaparilla…not umber.

Laundry-Room-CabinetsThe next problem I didn’t notice until we got home and I was flipping through the pictures. You’ll notice that in all the other pictures, there are no counters. That’s because the granite has not yet been delivered and installed. However, our laundry room counters are laminate, not granite, so it was installed with the cabinets. I was actually really happy to see how well the the laminate we chose went with the umber cabinet finish. When you pick these things out, you only see small little sample sizes, and sometimes it’s hard to picture how everything will come together on a larger scale. In this case, I’m very happy with the result. So what’s the problem? As I looked through the pictures, I realized that there’s supposed to be a sink! I’m assuming that the holes for the sink are normally cut before the laminate is installed on the cabinets. So yeah – that needs to be fixed too. 


The only cabinets upstairs that seem to be problem-free are the ones in our master bathroom…..and they’re bea-u-ti-ful too! We both got a little giddy imagining all the space we’re going to have compared to our current one-sink vanity!

Master Bathroom Vanity Master Bathroom Vanity

Finally we headed down to the basement. We discovered that the wet bar installation is not yet complete. There may be an innocent reason for this, but I have a feeling that it might have something to do with the bulkheads that were not in the original drawings. We raised concerns about the bulkheads ages ago, but were told that we could still make everything work. Now that there’s drywall over the ducting and the cabinets have been delivered it’s not looking so good. We shall see. On a positive note, I love the umber finish in this location as well. 

Wet Bar

The bathroom in the basement was supposed to match the wet bar with the umber finish, but like the Jack & Jill vanities, it too has a sarsaparilla finish. This definitely needs to be changed because we picked out the basement granite to go with the umber cabinets. Sigh

The basement bathroom vanity in sarsaparilla.
The basement bathroom vanity in sarsaparilla.

So there are our cabinets….for now. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of all the correct cabinets in the near future!

Until later, Ashlen

  • Gosh, those two cabinets are very different! They’re modern and don’t go with the rest of the look. I wonder if anyone installing them/ordering them thought to double check! I can’t wait to see the finished look. I’ve never had major renovations done, but my parents did when I was younger. I just remember helping my mom flip through books and books of things and looking and countertop samples for hours!

    • I know, right!? When I e-mailed our builder I asked if someone could start checking our deliveries before they are installed. That would have prevented the wrong furnace being installed and all of the wrong cabinets being installed. I’m scared to ask how long this is going to set us back, because they were all ordered back in November. We’re starting to pay super-expensive month-to-month rent at the end of February, so I’m def. less tolerant of stupid mistakes causing delays at this point. But I can’t wait to see the finished look too 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! I hope it’s able to be squared away quickly! I know that cabinets can take forever 🙁

    • Thanks…I’m so worried about how much of a delay this will cause! I e-mailed the builder yesterday, but given it’s a weekend I’m not expecting to hear anything until tomorrow. The label on the boxes said these were shipped all the way back on Nov. 19th. I might cry if it takes us 6 weeks to get things corrected.

      • Well keep us updated!!I know how frustrating this can be!