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The Last House Update

I can’t believe that I’m sitting down to write what will be my last house update. It’s certainly time – we put down money on the lot 13 months ago – but it still seems surreal. We close on Monday afternoon and we will be moving in right away. That means our lives are crazy busy right now. We had a walk-through with our construction manager yesterday afternoon, followed by a walk-through with our inspector throughout the day today, and finally the closing on Monday afternoon. Right now we’re busy packing up boxes. At least half of our stuff has been in storage in our garage since I moved in almost two years ago (which is kind of crazy to think about….all the things I haven’t seen in so long!) but it still feels like we have a lot of stuff crammed into our tiny apartment. Thankfully Dave has finally started to take the packed boxes down to the garage, so we’re actually able to move around a bit until I pack up another few boxes! 

The house itself is really coming together. Earlier this week we got the paint we’ve been waiting on in our closets, the handle on the door to the lanai, and (drum roll please….) APPLIANCES! Also, a cleaning crew was there ta couple days ago and everything looks so much better without a big layer of construction dust. It’s really starting to look and feel more like a home and like a construction site! 


Let’s get to pictures, starting with the appliances. This was really exciting, because kitchen appliances were the very first selections we made back in September 2014. September. I remembered a lot of the details, but I have one more drawer in the freezer than I was remembering, and Dave found the warming oven to be bigger than he had remembered. Of course, everything looks so much better when it’s actually installed in the house! We still don’t have a dishwasher. Dave got a call about the dishwasher this week – apparently ours arrived with a big dent. They ordered a replacement, but it won’t be here for something like 14 days. We were given the option of picking a out a different dishwasher, or just waiting until the reordered one arrived and we’ve opted to wait. We were less than thrilled about having to hand wash everything for a couple of weeks, but yesterday our construction manager told us that he had got on the phone and told our appliance supplier to get us a temporary dishwasher in there until ours arrives and can be installed. That was fantastic news, and it was an option we didn’t even realize was possible. Woo hoo!

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A Little House Update

I haven’t done a post exclusively about our house in a while, although I have tried to put a few pictures in my Five on Friday posts. But….it’s time to give the house some more attention in the form of a “Frequently Asked Questions” post. 

“When are you closing?”

We’re asked this by just about everyone we come across. Sometimes we’re asked five times or more in a day. The answer has changed quite a bit. “Hopefully before the end of the year!” to “Probably the end of February” to “March 10th” to “April 6th!” We’re hoping April 6th is our final answer, and it is currently penciled in as our close date. 

“What’s the hold up?”

In one word: weather. We expect January to be rotten, but February was colder and snowier than anticipated so we couldn’t get a lot of exterior work done. The masonry, exterior paint, and concrete (driveway, sidewalk, stairs, and patio) were all dependent on the temperature. The stone and paint are now finished, and we were told that we might be getting our driveway poured on Thursday. Dave went out to check on the progress this evening and found out that the concrete was all being poured TODAY. Yay!

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Five on Friday


Let’s start with my favorite part of Friday – Blogger Love!

Spring Book List by Sage the Blog – You write about books, and I will come read your post. Blog posts and Goodreads are where I get almost all my book recommendations. I love hearing what bloggers have read and are planning on reading!

A Darker Side – The Last Three Books I Read by Rebecca Chapman – I hadn’t read any of the books Rebecca reviews. Honestly, I didn’t even know John Green wrote a book before “The Fault in Our Stars.” So now I’ve added “Finding Alaska” to my reading list.

Create a Custom Icon for your Blog on your Phone by Love the Here and Now – Anne did it again…another brilliant idea with a tutorial. Check it out. 

The Golden Vlog Series hosted by Life with Mrs. G and the Artist and co-hosted by Wear Flowers in My Hair, Butcher’s Niche and Elizabeth Loves – Not only do I enjoy following the gals who host / co-host this brilliant monthly link-up, but a lot of my other favorite bloggers have been participating as well! Make sure you check out the vlogs at Amanda Moments, The Rambling Llama, and Love the Here and Now. This month was all about favorite books, TV shows, and movies, which was an awesome topic but it had some super difficult questions! 

All the Joys - Blogger Love
P.S. – thanks to Anne for hosting this while Meagan is on vacation! Who’s jealous of Meagan’s tropical vacation right now? (I’m raising my hand here)

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Five on Friday


I’m going to start this post of right with sharing my Blogger Love. Get ready, there were several great reads this week!

All the Joys - Blogger Love


Overcoming Our Insecurities by Melissa from the Rambling LLama posted at Life with Mrs G and the Artist – If you read one post this week, this is the post it should be. Melissa is brave in so many ways, but especially for sharing her story of childhood abuse. 

Journal Swap Creative by Sage the Blog & Love the Here and Now – Cassie and Anne came up with the brilliant idea of a journal swap. This is open to anyone on the internet, not just bloggers! I’ve already signed up, and I’m already looking at different journals. The deadline to sign up is March 9th, so head over to either one of their sites to sign up now! I’m excited to find out who I’m paired with and swap a journal with them – it’s just a really fun idea. Plus there are a million cute journals out there. I’m waiting to find out who I’m paired with and learn a bit about them before I make my final choice!

5 Easy and Small Changes to Make Your Blog Better – Seriously, Sarah? – I love posts like these because I inevitably learn something I didn’t know before or figure out a way to improve the layout or look of my blog. Sarah had several great suggestions and I’m updating my blog accordingly!

Thoughts on Being an Only Child – Cupcakes and Cashmere – I’m an only child. Dave’s an only child. My only cousin is an only child. I’ve had many wonderful friends who are only children. I don’t know if I’ve met an only child that hasn’t loved being an only child. Given that Cupcakes and Cashmere has a huge (gigantic) following, it’s nice to know that Emily is touting the awesomeness of being an only child. Only children have gotten such a bad reputation…it’s actually been used as an insult towards me. Like I had any control over the matter. It’s a stereotype I would love to see come crumbling down.  Continue reading Five on Friday

House Update: Closets

This weekend we headed out to the house and were very surprised to see that the closet shelving and my desk built-ins had been installed. This was something I was really looking forward to seeing, but we ended up having a lot of questions and concerns. 

Our first question was about the paint in the closets. Back when the paint first went up, I was walking around the house and wondering why our closets weren’t painted. Dave was already e-mailing our design consultant about a few things so I asked him to check and make sure that they’re painted the same as the surrounding room or hallway. We got an e-mail back confirming that they were painted the same as the room color. Unfortunately, that was a mistake. Our design consultant intended to say that they were painted our TRIM color, not our room color. So, for the past several weeks we’ve been under the assumption that they would be painted when the next coat of paint goes up. Having the shelving go up in the closets made us very confused. It’s obviously much easier to put paint up when there’s nothing in the room that needs to be taped off. So we asked, and found out about how all of our closets (with the exception of our master bedroom closet, which matches our master bedroom) are supposed to be painted the trim color. Sigh.

The right side of the master bedroom closet
The right side of the master bedroom closet

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Let There Be Light!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve hit a few milestones in the house-building process!

1) We got (almost) all of our light fixtures installed last week. I never knew lights could be so exciting! Today we got electricity. Our lights aren’t only installed, but they all turn off and on! I can’t even tell you what a big deal that is for us. For the last 8 months we’ve made an effort to get out to the house during the daylight hours. At least then we can see most of the main and upper floors with the natural light through the windows. Unfortunately, unless there’s a crew of workers with awesome lights around, it’s pretty hard to see most of the basement. Not having to worry about heading out to the house the second Dave gets home from work is going to be a nice change.

2) Mirrors and bathroom hardware was installed yesterday. It looked a little odd to have all the light fixtures above the vanities with no mirror in the middle, so I’m glad to see them there. However, they’re not done painting yet, so I’m wondering if it was a little premature to go slapping mirrors on the bathroom walls? Also, the builder couldn’t supply robe hooks so we went and bought our own, but no one told us that the bathroom hardware was going up yesterday which is why I didn’t have them out at the house. So yeah – a few little details need to be worked out. 

3) We are finally getting stone on the exterior of our house! I figured the masons would be out there working on it right after the stone was delivered, but that was not the case. I don’t know if they gave up waiting for the weather to cooperate or what, but they started yesterday despite the cold-ish temperatures. They’ve got the area they’re working on tented, which means they’re going to have to move that tent each time they need to work on a new area. It’ll be slow-going, but at least they’re starting! 

Ok, moving on to the pictures (because that’s all anyone cares about!). I took a bunch of pictures the other day and almost had this post finished, but I couldn’t help but take some new ones once I had better light!

Let’s start with my office chandelier. I really liked this chandelier (obviously, because I picked it for my little space) but I don’t know if I would have called it my favorite when we were done with our selections. Seeing it in the house….it’s definitely in contention to be one of my favorites! It’s a toss up between this, the pendents over the kitchen island, or the chandelier in our entryway. 

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House Update: Plumbing Fixture Installation

House progress this week has been slow but steady. We’ve had a few things going on simultaneously. First, we started to get our plumbing fixtures installed. We now have all our toilets, sinks, shower heads and almost all of our faucets. The only faucet we’re missing at this point is the one for the garden tub in our master bathroom. We also got most of our lighting fixtures installed this week. I’ve got pictures of the ones installed on Thursday but not the ones installed yesterday. Once I get pictures of all of them I’ll put them up on the blog. Hint: we’re in LOVE with them. They’re beautiful. The other big thing going on is the installation of our electrical outlets and light switches. Between that and the light fixtures, Dave has been running around trying to get supplies. We’re supplying a bunch of LED light bulbs, and Dave pretty much bought our area out of surge protected electrical outlets. We’ve been running all around the city this week getting supplies!

Let’s get to the pictures of our plumbing fixtures! One of the things I was most excited about was the vessel sink I had picked out for our powder room and the water-pump style faucet. 

Powder Bathroom Sink

I’m loving that faucet! Originally we were looking at a shallower vessel sink, but eventually we decided to with this deeper option. I’m really glad we did, because otherwise water would be splashing all over the place.  Continue reading House Update: Plumbing Fixture Installation

Cabinets and (More) Paint on the Walls

Last week I started getting frustrated with our house progress. Well, I was actually frustrated at our lack of house progress. I don’t think anything was done on Monday. On Tuesday we noticed that someone came in and repaired the drywall that had been destroyed when the built-in shelves in our great room had to be moved. On Wednesday we thought nothing had been done until Dave realized that the cabinet doors in our kitchen had been replaced. If you don’t understand why the cabinet doors needed to be replaced read The Cabinet Debacle and Update on the Cabinet Debacle. On Thursday we finally got progress….BIG progress! We got more paint, and the plastic covering all the cabinets was finally taken down. We’re starting to see the big picture (minus the floors, because they’ll probably remain covered for a while….). 

I’m going to start in the kitchen / great room / dining nook. The area behind and around the top of the built-in bookshelves still needs to be painted, and a couple spots look like they still need a second coat, but otherwise it’s pretty close to being finished up (minus the appliances, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures, of course). 

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Five on Friday


Today I’m going to jump right in to Blogger Love, because I found so many great posts out there this week. I think most of these were posted on Monday. Was something in the water that day?

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10 Ways You’re Driving Your Spouse Crazy – The New Wifestyle – I think Chelsea is somehow spying in our apartment from halfway across the country. It’s nice to know that these marriage complaints aren’t unique to us! Dave is so guilty of #1 (I BOUGHT a place for us to hang our keys and he STILL puts them on the kitchen counter. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!?) and #5, I’m guilty of #7, and #10, and we’re both guilty of #2 (me more than him though), #3, #6. We don’t often have problems with #4 or #8, and thankfully we have zero problems with #9. Obviously you have to go read the post to know what I’m talking about

All the Joys - Blogger Love

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Paint on the Walls

I had been anxiously awaiting the day when we could see the paint colors we picked up on the walls of our house. As I’ve said before, trying to use small samples of everything doesn’t always give you the “big picture” of how the house will come together as a final product. Yesterday the painters started putting color up on our interior walls, which meant I was thrilled. Let’s take a look!

It appears that the painters started upstairs with the primary color that will be used throughout the house….Great Grey by Porter Paints. Then they moved on to the main level and got a lot (but not all) of the first coat done on the main level. 

My Loft
My Loft
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

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