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Five on Friday


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge vaccine advocate. In fact, I don’t know a pharmacist that isn’t a huge vaccine advocate. Anyway, with the recent measles outbreak, I thought I would share this short little video I found that does a really great job of showing why people should vaccinate their kids.

I’m more than happy to talk to anyone about their concerns with vaccinations, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Norwex came out with some awesome new products in January. I got to hear about the new products back in December, and one of the most exciting announcements (in my opinion) was the release of a new line of personal care products. There’s a body lotion, hand lotion, and….shower gel! I had actually been wishing Norwex would create a shower gel, and my wishes were answered! I’m going to be ordering a bottle within the next month, and I’m really excited to test it out. 

Shower Gel

 You can order these products (and any other Norwex products!) hereContinue reading Five on Friday

Five on Friday


Ok, I know I’ve posted enough about our cabinets here and here, but I have even more updates. The guy who was designing and ordering our cabinets gave me a call yesterday, and that definitely helped ease my mind even more, because I know that he knows what he’s talking about. He gave me more details about our kitchen cabinets. Turns out we weren’t notified about the back order of our cabinets because he thought our order got put in early enough not to be affected. He realized I probably had a near heart attack (I did), and apologized, but he didn’t even know we had got the back order substitute until my e-mail to the builder was forwarded on to him. Turns out the bathroom vanities were his mistake. We’ve decided to keep the sarsaparilla in the Jack & Jill bathroom. Our master bathroom has sarsaparilla, and we’re using the same granite and paint colors in both areas, so I know it will still end up matching all of our other selections. Unfortunately, the sarsaparilla will not work in the basement bathroom, so an umber replacement has been ordered. 

In other wonderful cabinet news, Dave went out and checked on the house yesterday and found that all the cabinets for his wet bar have been installed! (Before only the lower cabinets have been installed, not the upper cabinets). He’s thrilled with how they look, and from the pictures, I’m thrilled too. 

Wet-Bar Continue reading Five on Friday

Holiday Shop & Sip

Shop & Sip

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of taking part in a Holiday Shop & Sip event. As you all know, I became a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant a few months ago. My friend Kim is a Beachbody coach, and her friend / neighbor April sells Rodan + Fields. April had the brilliant idea of putting together a holiday shopping party in her home with a bunch of different direct sales companies! In addition to the three of us, we also had Jamberry, doTERRA, chloe + isabel, and D’Von Chic Boutique. Let me start off by saying that this was a BRILLIANT idea. I had actually been envisioning an event like this, but until we get into our house I knew I couldn’t host anything myself. Apparently April not only read my mind, but she has some awesome connections to other direct sale company vendors! 

I know the purpose of this event was to shop for holiday gifts….but I’ve bought most of our holiday gifts already, and I don’t know other people’s style preferences, sooooo I just ended up buying stuff for myself. Whoops. At least my Norwex sales helped me pay for my purchases, so Dave can’t get too upset with me! 

chloe + isabel pearl + drops long necklaceBefore this event I was not familiar with chloe + isabel, but their jewelry is super duper cute. I love accessories, especially necklaces and earrings, but I rarely buy them for myself. Last time I bought myself accessories was in the spring. That means I was due for a bit of a splurge. When it comes to accessories, I like versatility. I either want it to be in neutral colors so I can wear it with anything, or to be composed of lots of different colors so I can wear it with a variety of different outfits. Last night I decided to go with the crystal + pearl drops long necklace. The consultant, Gabby, showed me how I could wear it long or short. I hate when you want to wear a certain necklace but it doesn’t work with your outfit’s neckline. Having the ability to change the length of a necklace is always a great feature. Now I have a small wish-list of chloe + isabel stuff, including these earrings:

I love love love these chloe + isabel large pom-pom earrings.
I love love love these chloe + isabel large pom-pom earrings.

I also splurged on some Jamberry nails for myself. I have been considering getting some Jamberry for a while. You all know that I love essie nail polish, but sometimes the traditional nail polish isn’t very convenient. First of all, Jamberry has some cute patterns, and creating something similar with traditional nail polish is pretty difficult.  But, the biggest draw for me is the inconvenience of using nail polish when I’m out of town. When I travel I always take a bottle of whatever nail polish color I’m wearing with me to touch up any chips. Really, I would rather not have to worry about chipping and touching-up while I’m on the road. I think Jamberry can fix this problem for me. I bought 4 sheets of nail wraps, primarily of holiday-themed patterns. I’m planning on applying some this week and taking some with me when we hit the road for the holidays, just in case. A sheet of nails is much less stressful to transport than a bottle of nail polish!

Jamberry Wraps

I was really excited to get some samples of doTERRA essential oils to try out. I have been contemplating buying some essential oils since I got my Norwex wool dryer balls. I adore my dryer balls – they tumble my laundry in the dryer to get things dry faster and they reduce static cling without coating our clothes in all the chemicals you find in dryer sheets. Switching over to the Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent and the Norwex wool dryer balls has been wonderful for my allergies. Dave used to use dryer sheets before I moved in with him, and I felt bad taking the scent the dryer sheets give the laundry away from him. I’ve heard of people putting essential oils in their wool dryer balls to add back a nice, but natural, scent to the laundry. Now I’ve got some essential oils and I’m looking forward to see how it works!

Of course I was also selling Norwex products at the Holiday Shop & Sip, and I came up with a list of the best Norwex gift ideas for various people and situations! I’ll be posting those later this week. I’m also excited to be learning about the new Norwex products that will be launching in 2015. The products will be announced to the consultants tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some details soon!

Until later, Ashlen

Five on Friday – Halloween Edition


#Blogtober14 – Halloween Costume Reveal

Truth: I’m not wearing a Halloween costume this year. It would be different if we had a house and were handing out candy, but that’s not the case. However, we do have some plans for this evening. We’re heading over to our friends’ house for chili and cornbread. I’m going to bake some pumpkin cookies today for a dessert (because what is more festive on Halloween than pumpkin cookies!?). Because I don’t have a picture of my own costume to share with you, I’m going to share something better: our dogs in costumes. It’s from a couple years ago, but it’s still super cute.

Halloween Dogs

Katie looks much more like a half-peeled banana from the side, but those pictures are a little blurry. Same goes for Mischa, but I love the little ladybug antennae. She hates that part of the costume the most, so we have to get pictures quick before she pulls them off. Unfortunately Abby doesn’t have a costume (yet) but I’m sure my mom will find something for her by next year. Continue reading Five on Friday – Halloween Edition

Five on Friday


Why Kids Should NOT Drive ATVs – Nurse Loves Farmer

I’ll start off by saying that I love reading Sarah’s blog because 1) I really enjoy her perspective as a nurse (because I’m a pharmacist geek like that) and 2) because she’s from the prairie of Alberta…which isn’t all that different from the prairie of Manitoba where I grew up (granted, I was a city slicker and have no place on a farm…but still). This post spoke to me more than almost any other post I’ve ever read. I don’t speak about my background as a pharmacist on this blog a lot (although I did yesterday), partially because of patient confidentiality issues and partially because I’m not working at the moment. So for those of you who don’t know, I had a brief stint working as a pharmacist at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Kansas. I spent a lot of time with a trauma and code pager strapped to my lab coat, responding to the most critical cases that were brought into us from throughout the state and northern Oklahoma. I don’t think I could count the number of patients brought in because of ATV accidents. They are particularly heartbreaking cases because they’re almost always very young patients (children or young adults), and were almost always preventable. There’s a reason we don’t let kids start driving cars until they’re 16, and those reasons apply to ATVs too….they’re big machines, not toys! There’s also a reason that it’s against the law to drive motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but people don’t seem to think that same logic should be applied to ATVs, and I don’t understand why. I’ve seen accidents caused by ATVs flipping and crushing the rider, and riders getting hit by cars when they’re on the road. Check out Sarah’s post for some great statistics about ATV accidents, and then be careful and use good judgement the next time you are out on an ATV!



If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m linking up with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between every day in October for the #Blogtober14 challenge. The idea is to blog every single day during the month of October (including the weekends…eek!) 

Today’s prompt is “one thing you can’t live without.” I’m not going to take this literally, because otherwise I would tell you that there are four things that we all cannot live without: air, food, water, and shelter. I’m also not going to include living creatures as “things” because I couldn’t live without my husband or my Katie-dog. 

I had to put a bit of thought into this. I thought maybe my iPhone, iPad or laptop, but then I remembered that there was a time when I, and everyone else, survived just fine without those conveniences. I thought about my KitchenAid mixer, because I don’t know if I could survive in a kitchen without it….but then I figured I should pick something that I use every single day. Then it hit me…the one thing I can’t live without is my morning cup of coffee. Just ask my husband! 

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Fresh Start

A few weeks ago I posted about why I love Norwex. The more Norwex products I own, the more I fall in love. This morning I met with my “upline” for the very first time. Norwex is a direct sales company, so you sign up to see the product under an existing consultant. I didn’t know anyone in the U.S. who was selling Norwex, so I went onto the website, found the closest consultant to our future house’s address, and signed up. Consultants get fun bonuses like shopping sprees when the consultants under them do well and sell product. I figured no one was going to complain about having some random person sign up under them if they could reap some rewards! Anyway, My upline consultant, Tracy, reached out to me last week. She offered to sit down with me and chat about starting up a Norwex business. She’s even letting me shadow her to a party later this week! Anyway, it turns out that Tracy is fantastic, and she provided me with all these great resources and ideas. One thing she had was a list of common household products and their Norwex equivalent. That got me thinking about all the products that I’ve replaced in just the last month. I figured it would be a great time to share what I’ve learned, because cleaning is now easier, more effective, takes less time, and isn’t requiring me to use chemicals that give me headaches or allergies. 

The Basic Package: the Window Cloth (purple) and a blue EnviroCloth.
The Basic Package: the Window Cloth (purple) and a blue EnviroCloth.

Mirrors and Windows

From: Windex and paper towels or a squeegee
To: an EnviroCloth ($16.49), a Window Cloth ($18.49), and water
(P.S. the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth can be bought together as a package for 

Windex smells bad and gives me headaches. Trying to get streaks off of your windows and mirrors is a pain. Using paper towels is expensive and creates unnecessary waste. The whole process of cleaning windows and mirrors is time consuming and annoying. I didn’t need a lot of convincing that the “old” method was no good. The other day I cleaned our bathroom mirror and two closet door mirrors while Dave heated up leftover for dinner (ie – in less that 5 minutes). The wet EnviroCloth gets it clean and the Window Cloth dries it without leaving streaks. Plus, we don’t have to spend money on Windex ($4+) or paper towels any more. Norwex for the win.

Bathroom Scrub Mitt
Bathroom Scrub Mitt


From: Clorox wipes, a lot of rags, a bucket of water with Lysol, and Scrubbing Bubbles
To: Bathroom Scrub Mitt ($24.99), Cleaning Paste ($29.99), a wet EnviroCloth, and a dry EnviroCloth

I will say that I have a few items I still want to add into my new bathroom cleaning routine. I’m going to get a bottle of Descaler (a non-chemical replacement for CLR or Lime Away that’s supposed to be awesome) in my next order to make it easier to get rid of the soap scum and hard water marks. Today I just used the Bathroom Scrubb Mitt with Cleaning Paste, which I loved because you can do the whole shower and the bathroom surfaces with just that one mitt. The mitt has different textures on each side…the side shown on the picture is the regular soft side and the other side is rougher to use against stuck on scum. Continue reading Fresh Start

Friday Five

Dave and I kind of have our little weekend routines, but this weekend is going to be a bit different. Dave is heading up to Chicago for a “guys weekend” with some old friends. From what I’ve gathered it’s going to involve a lot of golf and chilling out in a hot tub in the evening. Whatever floats your boat, guys. I also suspect that there are going to be a lot of inside jokes about goats and penguins. If you read this blog with any frequency you know that Dave loves goats, so goat jokes shouldn’t be a surprise. Apparently his other friend has a thing for penguins. Go figure. This trip used to be an annual event, but life gets crazy, people have kids, other people (Dave) spend every other weekend driving out to Kansas for a year…so this weekend’s trip is re-starting an old tradition. I’m just hoping I get my husband back in one piece

Every day there is more and more progress on the construction of our house. We’ve figured out that if we head out there around 6:30pm, they’ve wrapped up work and it’s still light enough to take pictures. Watch out for another update filled with pictures next week. When we explored the house last night, we found that the interior walls in the basement are now complete, the main floor is complete, and they’ve started working on the second floor. Unfortunately they haven’t built stairs to the second floor yet so we can’t explore it in detail. They’ve put up the three dormers on the front of the house, and it appears like our master bedroom / bathroom / closet is close to being finished. There was a new delivery of lumber yesterday, and we noticed that the pieces of our roof appear to be sitting in our front yard. Hopefully today they’ll actually be put into place. I’m also hoping they build that last staircase this weekend so I can head up there to explore the second story this weekend! 


The Wolf of Wall StreetFall Film Challenge Update

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post. Essentially I’m trying to watch 25 new movies throughout the autumn season. This past week I knocked one more movie off the list: The Wolf of Wall Street. Overall I think the movie was really well done, and it was certainly entertaining. My only problem was that it left me with a sour taste in my mouth about humanity. I mean, how is it that people can knowingly swindle other people for their own personal greed!?

Next up: Up in the Air. It just arrived from Netflix a couple days ago! Continue reading Friday Five

Why I Love Norwex


My Canadian family and friends are probably thinking “well, yeah, of course you love Norwex” when they read the title of this post. When I’ve mentioned Norwex to my American family and friends most of them have being saying “Nor-what!?” Norwex products are really popular at home, but that might be because Norwex was introduced in Canada before it was introduced in the US. So my American friends, this is the deal with Norwex: it’s a line of cleaning products that is environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of disposable products that you need to use by reducing the use of products like sponges and paper towels, and by reducing or eliminating the use of caustic chemicals. The kicker? Norwex microfiber cloths are actually more effective at removing bacteria from surfaces than using chemicals on paper towels.

I’m always a little skeptical when I hear about products that sound too good to be true. So if you don’t believe me right now, I wouldn’t blame you for two seconds. But there’s a reason why Norwex microfiber cloths are so amazing. In general, microfiber is superior to materials like cotton because its structure allows it to pick up dust and dirt and keep it in the fiber (and away from the surface being cleaned). In contrast, cotton can only pick up some of the dirt and dust, then spreads the rest of it around. Microfiber uses static electricity to remove dust and dirt when dry, and when a microfiber cloth is wet with just water it can clean almost every washable surface in your home.  Continue reading Why I Love Norwex