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Never Seen Before Wedding Pictures (Part 2)

My husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary tomorrow (yay!) so in honor of the event I’m sharing the “unofficial” wedding photos. Earlier this week I posted part 1, with pictures from before the ceremony and from our photography session at Holcomb Gardens on the campus of my alma mater, Butler University. If you missed part 1, check it out here.

Today I’ll be sharing the remainder of the day, starting with when we got back on the party bus to head downtown to our reception. That’s when things really started to get wild…


Courtny Courtny and Rob Nate Steph and Kim
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Never Seen Before Wedding Pictures (Part 1)

We had an amazing fantastic couldn’t-be-better wedding photographer. Her name is Meredith Sherlock, and she just happens to be my cousin. Well, my mom’s cousin’s daughter which technically makes her a distant cousin, but that’s beside the point. She’s my cousin who still hasn’t graduated from high school. She was our one and only wedding photographer and we couldn’t have been happier with the shots she got for us. You see them all over this blog. BUT (there’s always a but) Meredith is one person and as much as we tried to shuttle her around everywhere she simply couldn’t be everywhere at once. Dave’s last minute solution? Hand off his fancy camera to his groomsmen and let them go wild. Seriously…wild. The good thing was that we got an extra 1000 pictures. The bad thing was that a ton of them are blurry, awkward, or out of focus. The camera was passed around, so I don’t know exactly who took what pictures, they were just there when we got the camera back. They definitely gave us something to laugh about in the days after our wedding. I posted some of the less blurry / out of focus ones on Facebook for our friends, but the vast majority of them have never been seen by anyone other than Dave or I….or whoever took them. So as the first anniversary of our blog is rolling around, I thought I would post some of them as a reminder of the day in candid photos.

The Girls: Getting Ready

Meredith was with us girls for the vast majority of our prep time, so there are tons of her beautiful professional pictures and a lot less “unofficial” pictures. However, we did snap a couple that I love right before heading off to the church.

Me with our flower girl, Hannah.
Me with our flower girl, Hannah.
That's my mom and I before the ceremony!
That’s my mom and I before the ceremony!

I have to stop and say that my mom did the best job ever at finding a mother of the bride dress. She found a color that complemented our scheme but wasn’t matchy-matchy with the bridesmaids. She also wore the same shoes as me, but in silver (which matched my bridesmaids). Cute, right? Oh, and she doesn’t even look old enough to have a daughter that’s getting married. I hope I age as well as my mom…. Continue reading Never Seen Before Wedding Pictures (Part 1)

How to be a Gracious Wedding Guest

A year ago I was frantically planning our wedding. This time one year ago our wedding was just over two weeks away. Given that our first anniversary is coming up, I’m getting a little reminiscent. You’re probably going to see a few wedding / marriage related posts popping up over the next couple of weeks. What have I learned from our first year of marriage? What would I change about our wedding, now that I’m a year past the planning process? And the post idea I’m most excited about…”The Never Seen Before Wedding Pictures.” 

I’m only in my late 20s, but I think I’ve heard or seen it all when it comes to wedding guests. Being on the “other side” as a bride was an eye-opening experience, but I’ve also been appalled at what I’ve heard or seen people do at other weddings. I think most brides would agree with me when I say that your guests make your wedding. They’re there to celebrate a huge milestone in your life with you. While most of your guests will bring you joy, there are always a few who will make you want to pull your hair out and cry. So here are my two cents on basic wedding etiquette. Trust me people, being a gracious wedding guest isn’t that hard. 

If you RSVP “yes”….please show up.

There are some very legitimate exceptions to this rule. If you’re hospitalized, you get a pass. You need to be with an immediate family member who had to go in for emergency surgery a few days before our wedding? You get a pass too. You are so sick that you can’t leave the bathroom for more than a few minutes at a time? I’ll tell you that you probably shouldn’t eat gas station sushi, but you get a pass too. Oh, and pictures of vomit coming out of your infant child’s mouth after you drove half-way across the county to be at our wedding are not necessary, but appreciated. That’s another totally acceptable reason NOT to show up at a wedding. Some unacceptable excuses? You have the sniffles. Take a Sudafed, use a NediPot, pack some tissues, and get your butt to that wedding. The couple cared enough about you to invite you, and they or their family is coughing up $20-$50 per head for your dinner, you should at least make an appearance to congratulate them on their big day. No one expects you to stay up dancing into the wee hours of the morning if you’re feeling miserable. If you’re really feeling that bad, at least send your perfectly healthy spouse to the wedding with your deepest regrets. The other totally not acceptable excuse? A big fat lie. For example, if you’re going to decide to not attend a wedding at the very last minute due to some stupid petty disagreement with other guests, at least have the courtesy of saying that rather than making up a phony excuse. And if you do decide to make an excuse, you should at least make the effort to get your family and friends on board so they don’t completely contradict your story on the bride and groom’s social media feeds. This is the reason why Facebook needs a “dislike” button.

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Cody & Amanda’s Wedding

Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this past weekend for so long that I have to admit I’m just a little sad that it’s behind us. It certainly lived up to its expectations. Cody and Amanda are such special friends to us, and we were thrilled to be there on their wedding day. As you’ll recall, Cody was an usher at our wedding and will forever be a part of our story given that he introduced me to Dave. I can’t take credit for introducing Cody to Amanda, but I can take some credit for providing him with his second cat, Huxley. That counts for something, right?  

Ring-Bearer-and-Flower-GirlAnyway, on to the wedding recap. We showed up at Valle Vista, a golf club in Greenwood, IN for the 6pm ceremony. The ceremony was in a gorgeous indoor / outdoor area near the putting green. It was covered, and there were fans (thank goodness, because this Canadian does not handle the hot and humid Indiana summers well at all), but we still got to enjoy the fresh air. It also allowed the bride to be driven up in a horse-drawn carriage. True story. Obviously it was the first time I got to see Amanda in her wedding gown, but she had described it to me a bit in advance. Her description of the dress was spot on, and it looked exactly like I had imagined it in my mind. Obviously she was gorgeous, but the thing I loved most was that the dress was just so Amanda. It’s hard to describe, but if a wedding dress can emulate a person’s personality, this one did to a tee. Continue reading Cody & Amanda’s Wedding

Amanda’s Bridal Shower


{Part One: Before the Shower}

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m pretty excited for the day. I’m heading up to northern Indiana this afternoon for Amanda’s bridal shower. Amanda and Cody’s wedding is our only wedding this summer, and the first wedding festivities that we’ve got to attend since our own. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything and everything wedding. That includes showers. The festivity, the gifts, the games, the food. It’s great. Obviously I loved opening gifts at my shower, but it’s awesome to watch other people open their gifts because I can get ideas for our own home that I may not have thought of before! 

The other thing I love about showers is that it can be a bit of a sneak peak at the bride’s wedding style. My shower definitely represented the traditional / classic style of my wedding. From the few details I’ve heard about Amanda’s wedding so far, I would probably describe her style as glamorous / chic. I’m expecting to see some sequins, sparkle, feathers, and lots and lots of mint green this afternoon!

{Part Two: After the Shower}

It’s 10am on Sunday morning, and I’m sipping a latte and reflecting on the amazing day that I had yesterday.  Continue reading Amanda’s Bridal Shower

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette

I’ve got bachelor / bachelorette parties on my mind as we’re getting ready to head to Las Vegas for the combined bachelor / bachelorette party of our friends Cody and Amanda. It’s only fitting that I use this Wedding Wednesday post to recap my own little bachelorette party!

Here is my general thought on bachelorette parties: give the bride-to-be what she wants, it’s her night. Think of it as an extension of the wedding in that regard. If you are attending a bachelorette and it doesn’t involve your favorite activities, suck it up and put a smile on your face. 

My MOH, Steph, planned a perfect bachelorette party for me. I realize that a large group of girls doing a bar crawl with a lot of phalic-shaped accessories is the popular kind of activity for these events, but that really isn’t my style. My dad always told me that you shouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see on the front page of the newspaper. The older I get, the more his voice sticks in my head. So I asked for a dinner out with a group of my close friends, followed by drinks at a few nearby bars. No phalic-shaped items, I wanted to keep things classy.  Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette

Diamond Diaries

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! Our regular host, Mary over at Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass, just got married this weekend and is just a TAD busy on her honeymoon right now. You get to skip out on the Wedding Wednesday in the blogosphere when you’re busy actually getting married. She’ll be back next week, and I’m super excited to see pictures of her big day! So welcome to A Diamond with Sapphires. Mary couldn’t go wrong handing the reins over to a blog named after an engagement ring, right? Speaking of engagement rings….

A Diamond with Sapphires

We all love a good engagement story. What’s the first thing we all do when we look at a couple’s wedding website? We go click on the “Our Story” page, even if we’ve already heard the story before! Do you ever actually stumble across a blog post titled something along the lines of “The Proposal” and not click the link? No! Why? Because it’s bound to be a happy story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it will even make you chuckle a bit. Whatever is going wrong in your life, a good proposal will make you feel better. Continue reading Diamond Diaries

My Bridal Shower

This is old news in my world, but I’m still a newlywed and I still love sharing everything wedding with brides-to-be and recent-brides, and I didn’t have this blog up and running when I had my bridal shower last summer, so it’s coming to you as a Wedding Wednesday special. 

I know my aunt would have loved to have hosted my shower, but there was no way that I was able to return to Canada for that to happen. Unfortunately that meant a lot of family at home had to miss out on the event. Thankfully Dave’s aunts and cousins picked up the ball and ran with it. I honestly don’t know if they could have hosted a more perfect bridal shower for me. They asked me a few questions, and then created a beautiful and fun event. I wouldn’t have changed any tiny detail about it. 

Dave grew up in a small town. A really small town, at least by my standards. Population 1000. No stop lights. Everyone knows everyone. That kind of small town. In the middle of town is a big house where the town founder used to live. The house is over 140 years old and has been restored by the local Historical Society (which has included Dave’s mom and aunt). Apparently it’s THE place in town to have a bridal shower. Frankly, I’m not sure where else in town you could have a bridal shower other than someone’s home. Anyway, it’s a spectacular venue, so I can completely understand why it’s so popular! 

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How To: Plan a Wedding in Four Months (Part 4)

Save the Dates 

Because of the short time between our engagement and wedding, we needed to notify a lot of people about the wedding ASAP. I’ve seen so many adorable save the dates, but we didn’t have time to get very creative on this front. We didn’t have engagement pictures taken, so any type of photo option was off the table. In the end I found this cute and reasonably priced option at Vista Print:

Save the Date

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Wedding Registry: Top Picks (Part 2)

I wrote about some of our favorite household items from the registry last week. This post is dedicated to my favorite kitchen items because they need an entire post of their own

Cookware and Bakeware

Loaf PanI knew for YEARS before we got engaged that I wanted Le Creuset cookware / bakeware for my kitchen. They’re expensive, but they’re soooooo nice. We don’t have room in our kitchen to store everything right now, so I’m really looking forward to unpacking some of the pieces once we get in the house. We received a stock pot, fry pan, pitcher, bread pan, pie pan, and an oval gratin, all in Marseille Blue. Then we purchased the butter dish and a second bread pan with gift cards, and Dave got me the spoon rest for Christmas. Big thumbs up for everything Le Creuset.  Continue reading Wedding Registry: Top Picks (Part 2)