Family Shenanigans

For as much as I write on this blog, I don’t often share the little random things that are going on in our life. Frankly, that’s because our day to day lives are actually pretty boring. Yes, we’re building a house and that’s very exciting, but it’s not what consumes most of our time. Well, it did consume a heck of a lot of time while we were going through the selections process, but that’s done, so now it’s just approving the random little change orders that come through (or the big change orders confirming our selections). Only two parts of my day are really focused around house-building at the moment: when we go see the house in the evening and when I write about the house on the blog. So here’s a little update of the other things that are going on in our life. 


This weekend we had a cousins get together. As I mentioned on Friday, it’s a group of my cousin-in-laws, because they’re Dave’s cousins. Dave is really close his cousins on his mom’s side of the family because they’re all very close in age. Three of them actually lived in the same tiny town and went to the same high school. When I met Dave it was the first time in a long time that the group of cousins were all living in Indiana. Everyone was living withing 2 hours of each other (actually, everyone was either in or around Lafayette….Dave was the farthest one away on the north side of Indianapolis). Last year one of the cousins (Katie) has moved up to Michigan so we’re spread out a little more, but we’re still all in the Midwest. This weekend Katie came down to visit and help her sister, Abby, plan her upcoming wedding (!!!!). Having Katie in town = time for a cousin get-together.

Before anyone gets confused, here’s a little picture of who’s who…

R-L: Dave's cousin Abby, Nathan (Abby's fiance), Dave's cousin Katie, Nikki (Rob's wife), Dave's cousin Rob, Dave, and me!
L-R: Dave’s cousin Abby, Nathan (Abby’s fiance), Dave’s cousin Katie, Nikki (Rob’s wife), Dave’s cousin Rob, Dave, and me!

We hadn’t all been together as a group since Labor Day. I suppose I should clarify…Katie’s significant other (John) didn’t make it down from Michigan for Labor Day, but Katie brought his adorable daughter Layla down for the festivities so at least we had a part of him there! We got to see Katie, John, and Abby at Thanksgiving, but Abby’s now-fiance Nathan was spending Thanksgiving with his family so we haven’t seen him since Labor Day. Rob and Nikki spend Thanksgiving with a different side of their family so we hadn’t seen them since the Labor Day camp out. 

We all met up for dinner in Lafayette at Nine Irish Brothers, then went bowling, then headed back to Nine Irish Brothers for a drink. As usual, hanging out with this crew was a blast. Thankfully Abby’s upcoming summer wedding means that we should have plenty of opportunities to see each other in the next few months!

Dave and Abby, the bride-to-be
Dave and Abby, the bride-to-be!

Until later, Ashlen

  • Mae

    Looks like so much fun! How cool that the family is close 🙂