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Several years ago, when I was working at Safeway in Kenora as a summer pharmacy student, I met Bill. We quickly discovered that we both shared a love of dogs. In particular, Bill really loves Bernese Mountain Dogs. When I met him, he had two – Traveller and Jack. Traveller was the older and mellower dog, while Jack was still young and energetic. When Traveller passed away, Bill decided to get another companion for Jack – a Bernese Mountain Dog he named Dylan. I love all dogs, Bill’s “Berners” definitely hold a special place in my heart. 

Dylan as a puppy
Dylan as a puppy
Thanks to Bill for taking such a great picture!
Thanks to Bill for taking such a great picture! That’s Jack on the left, in front of my mom, and Dylan on the right in front of me.

You might remember that my mom and I actually saw Jack and Dylan when we were in Kenora doing some shopping this summer. Bill had left the dogs briefly to run into the farmer’s market, but of course we went over to them to say hello. They’re such beautiful dogs that people kept coming over and asking their names, ages, and breed. I kept answering them, and I think people kept thinking they were our dogs! Oops! Oh well 😉 Despite looking happy and healthy when we saw him, Dylan passed away a couple weeks later. I was so sad to hear that news. Of course, that meant that Jack was left without a companion again. So – Bill is getting another dog! For the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed seeing all the puppy pictures Bill has been posting from the breeder. It was a litter of two – both boys – and Bill has named the new pup Levon. Here’s the thing – the breeder is in southern Ontario and Bill lives in northwestern Ontario. It’s a big province, and it’s not that easy just to go drive and pick up his new dog. It would be a couple days to make a road trip there. Instead, the breeder planned to fly Levon to Winnipeg, which is only a three hour drive from Kenora – a much more reasonable trip for Bill! Levon was put on a plane as scheduled this week….and didn’t arrive in Winnipeg. I can’t even imagine how Bill felt, especially after the airline told him that Levon had been STOLEN! Thankfully that wasn’t really what happened. Eventually it turned out that Levon (who was in the cargo hold) wasn’t unloaded in Winnipeg. The plane then continued on to Calgary….with 8-week-old Levon still on-board. For those of you not familiar with Canadian geography, it’s about a 2.5 to 3 hour plane ride from Toronto to Winnipeg, and about another 2 hours to Calgary. When it’s all said-and-done, the poor puppy would have spent well over 5 hours on the plane! 

Apparently the breeder knew someone in Calgary who went and got Levon from the airport. This good samaritan has a Berner and from the pictures I saw it looked like Levon was completely at rest with his new friend after his long journey! Yesterday Levon was flown from Calgary to Winnipeg (poor guy!) and got to meet Bill for the very first time. So, all’s well that end’s well, but Levon is now a famous pup…he made the news in Canada! You can watch one of the news videos here and read about it here. And yes, there are some very adorable puppy pictures with the article!


This weekend is a big sports-watching weekend. On Saturday my Butler Bulldogs are playing the Georgetown Hoyas in men’s basketball. Not only is this a conference game for us (and when you play in the Big East, every game is high-stakes!), but we’re playing them for the second time this year (and we’ll actually play them again!) We played (and beat!) them back in November in a tournament. Technically teams in the same conference aren’t supposed to meet in tournaments prior to conference play, but there was an exception made because both teams were scheduled to play in the tournament when they were still in separate conferences. Anywho, Butler just beat ranked Seton Hall and our arch-nemesis Xavier, so I’m pretty excited about a re-match against Georgetown. I would love to see my Dawgs go 3-0 against Georgetown this year, but I don’t know if that’s realistic

On Sunday, I get to watch the Colts play the (evil) New England Patriots (sorry to anyone who’s actually a Pats fan, but I’m sure you despise the Colts as much as we hate you guys). It’s been too long since I’ve seen Indy in a Superbowl! The only kind-of disappointing thing about the Colts being in the Superbowl is that we were really hoping to have a Superbowl party / housewarming party in the house. As fast as things are going right now, we are definitely not going to be in before the Superbowl. Sigh. But still…GO COLTS!


Devour DowntownOther than our house, we do have a couple things coming up that have me a little excited. First, we’re headed out to dinner with a group of friends at Adobo Grill for Devour Downtown. Devour is an event every year in Indianapolis where a bunch of the restaurants downtown put out special fixed-price menus for a couple of weeks in the winter. It is pretty successful at getting people to head downtown and spend money during the slower non-tourist winter months. The special menus usually include an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a really great price. If you’ve never been to St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, go during Devour Downtown! For $40 per person you can have their World Famous Shrimp Cocktail and a Filet Mignon entree with a dessert. Given that the 8oz normally runs for about $40, I think that’s a pretty spectacular deal! Anyway, I’ve never been to Adobo, and I haven’t hung out with this group of friends in a couple months, so I’m definitely looking forward to the occasion! The second thing I’m really looking forward to is our upcoming “cousins get-together” in early February. Technically I’m a cousin-in-law, so this is my first ever cousin-only event. I’ve heard some epic stories of previous events, and every time we hang out with all Dave’s cousins we have an awesome time, so I’m sure this event will be no different. We haven’t all got together since Labor Day. This event is over-due!


I can’t help but put another tiny house update into this post. No new pictures, but I went out to check on things yesterday and the trim carpenter was finishing up his work. It sounds like the painters will be in today or Monday. Also – the tile guys were finishing up. I already thought our tile looked fantastic, but now it’s all grouted…and it looks even better. I’ll get new pictures when we head out there this evening! The stone and tile around the fireplace was also put in and grouted yesterday, and I LOVE it! It was definitely a fantastic choice. 


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Until later, Ashlen

  • Cute cute cute puppies! Thanks for linking up AND sharing my post! How did your book turn out??