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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge vaccine advocate. In fact, I don’t know a pharmacist that isn’t a huge vaccine advocate. Anyway, with the recent measles outbreak, I thought I would share this short little video I found that does a really great job of showing why people should vaccinate their kids.

I’m more than happy to talk to anyone about their concerns with vaccinations, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Norwex came out with some awesome new products in January. I got to hear about the new products back in December, and one of the most exciting announcements (in my opinion) was the release of a new line of personal care products. There’s a body lotion, hand lotion, and….shower gel! I had actually been wishing Norwex would create a shower gel, and my wishes were answered! I’m going to be ordering a bottle within the next month, and I’m really excited to test it out. 

Shower Gel

 You can order these products (and any other Norwex products!) here


All the Joys - Blogger Love

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time to link up with Meagan at All The Joys for another round of Blogger Love! Here are a couple posts I really enjoyed this week….

It’s Finally Time…Kitchen Reveal – Health, Love & Fire

I think I can safely say that Libby and I have both enjoyed following each other’s progress with building a house. Now Libby and her husband have moved into their new digs, which has me a bit jealous! She’s revealing the final product in pictures on her blog, starting with her kitchen. She’s got an awesome subway tile backsplash that I swooned over, and her counters are granite tile, which looks really unique. I’m also loving her choice of paint color on the walls! 

Let’s Save the Dogs – The Daily Tay

Taylor has an amazing love of dogs…just like me. She created a t-shirt that said “I’d rather be with my dog” which is pretty much the statement of my life. A Chicago animal shelter will receive 20% of the proceeds. I should have ordered one…but I waited too long and now they’re sold out. But she said that more are being ordered with different dog-related phrases sooooo I might just have to grab a different one in the future. Or if anyone (*cough* my mom or my husband *cough*) wants to get one and put it away for my birthday in 5 months, that would be cool too….


House construction update: I was hoping that the masons would start putting the stone up on our house yesterday….but that was not the case. However, some workers seemed to be checking out the exterior of the house last night, so I’m hoping that means they start today. In other news, a few other houses in our neighborhood that are under construction had concrete driveways and walkway poured yesterday. Maybe that means the ground has thawed and that we can get a driveway / walkway / sidewalk soon too. I’m doing a lot of hoping and wishing…

The painters are still chugging away on the inside. I’m not going to lie, it’s taking longer to prime and paint things than I expected. Everything else has moved faster than I expected, and this is moving slower. I’m not complaining because they’re doing a really fantastic job, and it’s not the interior stuff that’s going to hold us up from closing, it’s the exterior stuff that will hold us up. I’m just super antsy to see the paint color on the walls. Did we make the right decisions? Will it all look cohesive? When we checked out the house last night it looked like they had primed our mud room (hallway) cabinets and my built-in bookcases in my loft. At least I think it was just primer…we’re still having trouble telling the difference between the primer and the paint in the dark.

As you can tell from this picture I posted on Instagram for #WIDN, I’m happy to see progress being made on our mud room cabinets. 



I always get stuck at number five….every single Friday. Perhaps these linkups should be “Four on Friday” instead of “Five on Friday.” Just sayin’. So today I’m going to leave you with the most boring little tidbit of info about my life: my car needs an oil change, so I’m taking it in this afternoon. I warned you it was boring! That’s what’s new in the Mathew household  😛 

Until later, Ashlen


The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

  • Let’s Save the Dogs is such a cute post!

  • I wish I had gotten a shirt 🙁 Great idea to donate the proceeds! PS I’m completely with you on the vaccines.

    • I saw on Instagram that she has more shirts available so I’m going to look into it today! And I’m glad you’re with me on the vaccines 🙂 I get riled up watching stuff about the measles outbreak on the news every night!!

      • Ohhh me too. It really just makes me mad!

        I tagged you on Instagram on her post! I’m looking today too 🙂