Five on Friday


Today I’m going to jump right in to Blogger Love, because I found so many great posts out there this week. I think most of these were posted on Monday. Was something in the water that day?

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10 Ways You’re Driving Your Spouse Crazy – The New Wifestyle – I think Chelsea is somehow spying in our apartment from halfway across the country. It’s nice to know that these marriage complaints aren’t unique to us! Dave is so guilty of #1 (I BOUGHT a place for us to hang our keys and he STILL puts them on the kitchen counter. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!?) and #5, I’m guilty of #7, and #10, and we’re both guilty of #2 (me more than him though), #3, #6. We don’t often have problems with #4 or #8, and thankfully we have zero problems with #9. Obviously you have to go read the post to know what I’m talking about

All the Joys - Blogger Love

{two} – House Update and Dumpster Diving

There haven’t been a lot of pictures of house progress on the blog this week because there wasn’t a ton of progress for a while. We finally got the correct doors and drawer fronts on our kitchen cabinets! Then yesterday….we got more paint! So I’ll have some pictures up very soon. Here’s a little sneak peak of the kitchen…


We’re not getting any work done on the exterior of the house because, well….it’s cold. And snowing. For those reasons we can’t get exterior paint, or a driveway, or stone on the house. Sigh. At least it’s kind of pretty…

Front of House

The Backyard
The Backyard

When we realized that cabinet doors had been replaced Dave promptly went and found the old ones in the dumpster of scrap material in our driveway. Call me crazy, but I think that’s ridiculous. The doors were put up in our house, NEVER used (they never even had hardware attached to them), then taken down when the correct door style arrived. Dave wants to try his hand at making some furniture once we’re in the house. I think he’s a bit on the crazy side, but if it makes him happy….whatever. So Dave wasn’t about to let these nice maple wood doors go to waste, and I couldn’t blame him. He went dumpster diving, and I transported them to the car. I felt like a bit of a hobo on our own property! Anyway, we’re not exactly sure what we’ll do with them yet, but I’m sure Dave will come up with something. They might not have been the style or color we were looking for in our kitchen, but I bet a different stain or paint color could do wonders. Maybe Dave could add some trim detailing to fancy them up a bit? We’ll see!

{three} – Packing

Given that we are hoping, praying, and crossing all our fingers and toes that we will be in the house within the next month, I’ve started packing. It’s slow packing, but packing nonetheless. We’ve got boxes everywhere. To say the least, Katie-dog does not seem to be a fan. This week she tried to get inside a small box with some books in it (because she thinks she’s a cat?) and then tossed her bone right into one of the other boxes. I might just box her up soon. Just kidding, I could never box up my precious puppy-doodles!

{four} – Left Shark

When we were watching Katy Perry’s halftime show during the Super Bowl last weekend, I think I made some comment about how it would be so awesome to be one of the backup dancers. I really loved the sharks. The thing is….I must have been watching Left Shark the entire time. I think I said something along the lines of “I could do that!” And really, I could do something like Left Shark. I didn’t even realize at the time that Right Shark had clean crisp dance moves. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be choreographed. I thought the two sharks were supposed to get up there, bop around, and do whatever the heck they wanted (you know, other than knocking Katy Perry off the stage or something like that). It wasn’t until I watched it again that I realized how great Right Shark looks and how Left Shark looks drunk in comparison. This week, Left Shark articles and memes are keeping me very entertained. I just keep watching this video over and over and over, until I’m practically dying with laughter. 


I’m pretty excited for this weekend because we’ve got a cousin get-together! By cousin get-together I’m referring to my cousin-in-laws. We haven’t all got together since Labor Day weekend, although a few of us got to see each other at Thanksgiving. Anyway, we’re due for some fun times together. This weekend we’ll head up to Lafayette for dinner and bowling with the crew and I’m soooo excited! Since when did we become such social butterflies on our weekends!?

Until later, Ashlen

  • i am also quite relieved that i’m not the only one dealing with some these marital issues, either! ha. i’m the worst at #5! or am i? just kidding. thanks so much for sharing and LOVING your house-how pretty with the snow!

    • You are DEFINITELY not the only one with some of these issues….as proven by the fact that my husband actually commented on my blog for the very first time EVER to defend his key placement!

      • hahah that is hilarious! my husband actually has a 2 foot shelf we put up specifically for his keys/wallets/what have you…still doesn’t use it. drives me i.n.s.a.n.e.

  • Thank you for including me. It really means a lot. I am the worst at packing so I wish you all the luck!

    • No problem! I really enjoyed your post. There are a lot of posts out there that are about sponsoring other blogs, but I felt like you really put some thought into yours and had some unique content that wasn’t just a regurgitation of what a million other people have already said.
      I hate packing, but I’m moved enough that I’m almost a pro at it now!

  • The hook is a great idea for keys but that’s not all I have that goes with me when I walk out the door in the morning. The reason I use the counter is I also need a place to put my wallet and my access card clip for the office. If I used the hook for just the keys it’s very likely I would very likely walk out someday without my wallet or my scan card for work, which would involve a trip back home. This won’t be a problem in the house when I’ll actually have a place to keep all these things in the same place to grab on my way out the door. Moral of the story is that a key hook alone is probably not enough. If you’re going to put a key hook up it probably should go along with some kind of shelf so you can keep all “grab and go” items in one place. 🙂

    • I’ve been writing this blog for over a year and THIS is what you choose to comment about for the very first time!? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?

      P.S. your gripe might be valid if the hook wasn’t literally a STEP away from the counter in our very tiny apartment. With one month left to live here, I am SO not arguing about this!

  • That is such a great post on choosing where to sponsor. So helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Those were all great posts. I can’t wait to see your house all finished – it looks beautiful!

    • Thanks! The house is coming together so fast now – I can’t wait to see the final product too 🙂