Five on Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Five on Friday post, so let’s get this show on the road!


All the Joys - Blogger Love

Given that it’s been a while since I’ve done a Five on Friday post, it’s also been a while since I participated in Blogger Love! Here are some posts you should check out:

Let’s Talk About Feminism (Amanda Moments) – I really enjoyed reading about Amanda’s perspective of being a feminist….that it’s not about being superior to men, but equal to men. I found myself nodding my head to a lot of Amanda’s thoughts on the subject. 

5 Tips to Take Better Pet Photos (A Beautiful Mess) – Ok, so this post really made me want a pig and a little goat, but it also had some great ideas. I need help photographing my little Katie-dog because she always looks so GRUMPY! It’s the eyebrows, I swear….she is really a happy dog most of the time! 

Overcoming our Insecurities – Learning to Accept Compliments (Ember Grey posting at Life with Mrs. G & the Artist) – I am LOVING the “Overcoming our Insecurities” series that Faith is hosting. She’s featured some of my very favorite bloggers (Emily from Ember Grey included) and every post is so real, authentic, and makes me love the bloggers she features even more for being willing to open up and expose some really raw emotions. Emily’s post was so relatable. When I was working we would have assessments – you had to come up with your strengths and weaknesses. This wasn’t just a “write it down and only you know” kind of thing, it was something that was discussed with your mentors – people I really respected. Even if it was something I could write down and keep to myself, I would have a really hard time coming up with my own strengths. Pointing out my own weaknesses is so easy, but admitting that I’m good at something is almost impossible for me. Learning how to accept a compliment is the same kind of thing – I will rarely take the compliment, and come up with excuses as to why the compliment isn’t true. Isn’t that ridiculous?!?

Preparing for a Marriage (A Prioritized Marriage and Eat, Drink & Be Mary) – This post made me reminisce about our relationship as we were planning our wedding. Truth: it was the second worst / most difficult time in our relationship. The worst? When we spent almost a year living halfway across the country from each other. But wedding planning? It was amazing and it as rough. The amazing part was realizing how involved Dave wanted to be in every aspect of our lives together – even if that can be a tad annoying at times (it went to an extreme when we were building the house – it wasn’t until one of our very last design meetings that he agreed to let me handle picking out cabinet hardware on my own). It was also amazing to realize how much we could agree about easily, and how easy it was to compromise for each other. The ugly? Moving in together. We argued over everything. Thankfully….it gets better. 


Blog status update: just as I’m starting to get back into the swing of blogging after our move and starting to reply to comments from the last month or so, I’m hitting another roadblock. Due to some personal stuff (which will be described in more detail in a post going live on Monday) I will be AWOL for a few days…maybe up to a week. We’ll see how things go. That said – I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at replying to comments in the past month (I’m working on getting caught up today), but I really sincerely appreciate the time everyone takes to comment on my posts and I love reading them! I’m also sorry that I haven’t been as active on social media. Honestly, I miss communicating with all my favorite bloggers. I’m also sorry I haven’t been reading / commenting on as much lately. I should have a bit more time on my hands soon! That said, if you get a comment or see a tweet that makes no sense next week, please just laugh it off….I may or may not be on some pain medication that may or may not (ok, it will) make me a tad loopy. I’ll try to refrain from BUI – blogging under the influence!

All of that said, I’m getting some content ready to auto-post while I’m away, so other than my lack of commenting, I’m hoping that you’ll barely notice that I’m not around!


HOUSE UPDATE! We’re getting landscaping….finally! Living with a yard of dirt isn’t a whole lot of fun, especially when it rains and the dirt turns to mud, and you have a little dog that needs to go outside to do her business. That rain has delayed the start of our landscaping, but we had guys out here yesterday. Sadly, they aren’t back today. What’s up with that!? You can tell that we’re getting landscaping because we have a bunch of tools in our yard, there’s drainage tile popping up everywhere, there are Bobcat tracks all through the dirt, and we have the start of our boulder wall in the front. Other than that….it pretty much looks the same. 

Landscaping 1

Landscaping 2


My mom is arriving this weekend (on MOTHER’S DAY!) to spend a few weeks with us. She’s also bringing along her two little munchkins: Abby and Mischa! 

Abby and Mischa

I can’t wait to have them running around, checking out our new house, and having fun with Katie. 

My mom is also bringing down a quilt she recently finished that I absolutely love. It’ll be going in our guest bedroom in the basement (aka – where my mom is staying). 

Canada Quilt


I’m completely in love with my two little tomato plants, and I’m looking to plant a few more things before the end of spring. Because we don’t have any landscaping in yet, I’m going to stick to pots / containers this year. I would love suggestions for anyone with gardening expertise….I’m thinking maybe some herbs (basil and cilantro?). I would really like to grow cucumbers, but I know that they climb all over the place. Can I make that work on our patio!? I would also love to do potatoes and bell peppers but I might be getting a bit lofty with my ambitions!

Until later, Ashlen

  • Aw thanks for including me in your list!
    And girl, don’t apologize–life happens and you gotta do you.

  • Mae

    So stoked to check out these articles you shared!

  • Thank you for the blogger love, lady! It’s somewhat comforting, I think, to know that a lot of us struggle with the same thing, and are working to make it better 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend!