Five on Friday

Time for another Five on Friday update. It seems like this week just flew by! 


Let’s talk about bathing dogs. 

Katie-dog is generally 90% angel, 10% imp….for me. For Dave, it’s a different story. Maybe 50% angel, 50% imp? I swear she does things just to irk him. She throws bones into his electronics, chews bones on top of his electrical cords, tries to destroy his copies of the Harvard Business Review (thankfully the cover is very durable), gets underfoot whenever possible, and screeches when he tries to cuddle with her. The exception to all this is bath time.

When I brought Katie-dog home for the very first time from the Indianapolis Humane Society, she was in desperate need of a bath. Ok, she was in desperate need of a bath and a haircut, but I needed to get her shots up to date with the vet before I could take her to a groomer. So the first thing I did with her when I brought her home was throw her into the bath tub. It didn’t go very well. She kept trying to escape, which resulted in me getting very wet. She finally did escape, and rolled herself dry on the couch. I haven’t had very much success bathing her ever since.

When I met Dave, he kept making comments about how she needed a bath and that I must be exaggerating about how horrible she was in the bath tub. Despite the fact that she’s generally much more impish for him than for me, she turned out to be a little angel for him in the tub. She doesn’t even try to escape. I don’t get it. So – Dave became the official dog bather. Unfortunately he doesn’t particularly like this role.

I should probably mention that Katie-dog has a condition called atopic dermatitis. She gets really itchy, then she licks. The licking can lead to bacterial infections, which then require a trim to the vet and giving her antibiotics several times a day for a couple of weeks. To try and prevent all that hassle (and make sure she’s comfortable) we have to give her medication, and a while ago our vet suggested that we bathe her with medicated shampoo every two weeks or so. Groan.

Lately Dave’s been trying to hand the dog bathing ole back to me. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, she’s my dog, I love her, and I enjoy taking care of her….except in the bath. He had been bugging me to give her a bath all week, so yesterday afternoon I grabbed her out of a peaceful slumber and threw her into the tub. It was a general disaster. We have to let the shampoo sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse it off, condition her up, let that sit, then rinse her off again. I tried to take some pictures of her to put in Instagram while we were letting the shampoo sit. She had no desire to sit still because she kept looking for an escape route…

Katie Bath

Katie Bath


Everything changed when Dave got home. He came into the bathroom while I was conditioning her, and she sat still like a little angel. That’s when I was able to get this gem of a picture….


Time for some Blogger Love!

All the Joys - Blogger Love

Grocery Shopping in Iceland – Unlocking Kiki – This was my best laugh of the week. My husband and I struggle to communicate about grocery shopping when we’re doing it all in English. He calls me practically every time he’s at the store to make sure he’s getting the right thing. I’ve essentially given up on getting him to pick up any kind of baking goods that he’s not used to using. I can’t even imagine trying to grocery shop in Iceland where the products are all labeled in Icelandic, German, Swedish, etc. Kaelene’s blooper reel of grocery shopping is hilarious – I could totally see myself making similar mistakes if I was grocery shopping in a foreign language. 

8 Things I Learned From Deleting Facebook – Sage the Blog – I still have Facebook, and I quite enjoy it. I’ve never really thought of giving up Facebook. Cassie made some really good points about why she gave it up and how giving it up has enhanced her life. I completely agree with a lot of her points, but I still don’t think I’ll be giving up Facebook any time soon. I have too many family and friends all over the world that I would miss connecting with if I gave it up! Still, this post is good food for thought – has Facebook taken over your life in certain ways? Are you substituting Facebook for real-life friendships? Does Facebook bring you down? It made me do a bit of self reflecting!

The Negativity Complex – Chits & Giggles – This post spoke to me. She used some of the negativity in blogging as an example – specifically a website that exists solely for the purpose of “snarking” on other bloggers. The fact that something like this even exists is completely ridiculous in my book. Is it really that hard to try and be nice to others, especially to people who you have never met? If someone’s blog annoys you for some reason, then DON’T READ IT! I understand having to vent about some things. If you know that someone is like-minded as you, a little conversation with them can make you feel a lot better. Heck, just knowing that someone out there shares your views can make you feel better! If you have a serious issue with something that someone has written, there are polite ways to contact them – either in their comments or by e-mail – to express your concerns in a polite and civilized way without bringing the person down. But posting mean and vicious things about others, either on an anonymous website or on your own blog is just unnecessary, immature, and just plain unkind. I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of behavior, on a blog written by a personal acquaintance…someone that my husband had considered a close friend. I was never mentioned by name, but it was very clear that several comments were about me. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I just needed to cut ties – the relationship was certainly not enhancing my life in any way. I think maybe the fact that people are typing on a screen and not talking to someone’s face makes it a lot easier to be negative and mean. If you wouldn’t make a certain comment to someone’s face or if you wouldn’t want someone to say the same thing about you in a public forum, then you probably shouldn’t be putting it on the internet. All that said, the vast majority of my interactions with other bloggers have been positive. There is a great community of women out there who lift each other up, encourage each other. Let’s focus on that!


Ok – a little house update. Work on the exterior of our house, specifically the stone, is progressing. We’re getting a lot of little issues fixed inside the house. For example, they’ve figured out a way to lower the mirror in the powder bathroom so that it’s at a normal-looking height and doesn’t bang into my gorgeous faucet. We’re going to get corner cabinets installed in the pantry, and we’re working on getting the bigger closets and pantry painted the colors that we originally wanted them painted (not the trim color). As I said – lost of little things. 

Lanai Stone

Lanai Fireplace Stone

Unfortunately…our close date is still pretty much up in the air. I originally freaked out when I found out that it had been moved to the end of March instead of March 10th. Thankfully our friends came through and offered us a place to stay, and we found a reasonably priced storage facility near the house. Still, moving our stuff twice didn’t sound very appealing to us. We would much rather move directly from the apartment to the house rather than from the apartment to storage then from storage to the house. Storing stuff would also mean that we would have to pack stuff in boxes that we were otherwise planning on just tossing in the car….like a bunch of our clothes. Thankfully, Dave talked to the apartment complex about extending our lease again and they were able to accommodate us until April 6th. Hallelujah! Then yesterday night I got an e-mail from our builder responding to my request for a close date or even an approximate date range. His answer was pretty much “sorry, I don’t really know” and said that it could be anywhere from the end of March or sometime in early April. At this point I practically started banging my head on the wall. Once again, we thought we had a bit of a cushion, only to find out that we still might not have a cushion at all. At least we have a backup plan in place now in the event that we aren’t in the house when the lease runs out and we can’t extend the lease for the third time. Sigh. In the meantime, I’m still slowly continuing to back up things we aren’t using every day. 


This weekend… can find me binge-watching House of Cards. Enough said. 


And now, I’m off to my first physical therapy appointment. Apparently physical therapy (which has never provided me with any significant long-term pain relief in the past) and a visit with a physiatrist are prerequisites to the SI joint fusion surgery. I’m trying to look on the bright side and hoping that maybe I’ll be able to get a little bit of short-term pain relief (the dark side being that this is kind of a waste of time if the end result is still going to be surgery). 

Until later, Ashlen 

  • I’m sure the wait will be worth it, but I am sure you are so excited to get into your new home! Love the stone, btw! 🙂

    • Thank you! I was a bit nervous about the stone because we picked a combo of different stones that no one else had used before, so we couldn’t see any examples of what it would look like in the end. Thankfully we’re loving it! We are def. excited to be in the new home – I keep telling myself that it’s worth the wait, but it’s not easy!

  • Mae

    Good luck at therapy! I have never had success with it either

    • Thanks Mae! I’m actually feeling a bit better about it all now that I’ve had the appointment. My core needs some major strengthening, and even if I still need the surgery I can get into better shape to (hopefully) have an easier recovery.

  • Thanks for the share! So glad you enjoyed the post:)

  • Am I the only one that hasn’t seen House of Cards? TEll me why I should start it!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • Yes, I think you are the only one who hasn’t seen House of Cards. You should watch is because:
      1) It’s crazy suspenseful.
      2) Kevin Spacey is BRILLIANT (and he does the exact same Southern accent that he used in the movie Midnight of the Garden of Good and Evil).
      3) It’s deliciously evil. Maybe even more so than Breaking Bad (PLEASE tell me you’ve seen that…). Like Breaking Bad, it has you cheering and loving the bad guy. It takes some seriously talented writing and acting to make that happen!
      4) You can binge watch it. LOVE Netflix series – best invention ever.
      5) Everyone else has seen it, so you need to join the party 🙂

      My husband and I watched the entire season this weekend. It’s THAT good. Trust me, I didn’t think it would appeal to me but I’m a total addict now.

      • You might have convinced me… I’ll add it to our list of shows to get in to! And don’t worry, I’ve seen all of Breaking Bad 🙂