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Another week down, and it’s time for round two of Friday Favorites! I have a decent amount to share for my Five on Friday today, so I’ll be dedicating one and two to my favorite blog reads this week, number three is my favorite purchase of the week and four and five are little life updates from the Mathew household. 


Parenting Choices: When a Parent Crosses the Line – A Dish of Daily Life

Michelle has some great content on a lot of different topics. I particularly love her recipes. But this week I’m sharing one of her “op-ed” pieces because I agree with her 100%. Honestly, I don’t really have the guts to post such an opinionated piece, but I’m really glad that Michelle is braver than me! Here’s the gist: a woman posted a blog post about how she provided her 14-year-old daughter with her first joint. As a mother of teenagers, Michelle provides a great response (in my opinion). 


Celebrating the Bride – All the Joys

Not only am I linking up with Meagan for Friday Favorites, but I’m sharing one her posts from this past week because it just looks delicious. 

Sparkling Lemonade with Limoncello

See? Looks delicious, right? Meagan made it for a bridal shower, and I’ll definitely be tucking the recipe away for use in the future!


Write it Down! Homeowner’s Journal

Homeowner's JournalI have been ogling this journal for ages, and I thought I made it clear to my husband that he should get it for me for my birthday. Apparently that suggestion was as clear as mud. My birthday came and went, and no journal. So, I ordered it for myself. Problem solved. 

I have this fear that I won’t be able to keep track of everything in our house. When you live in an apartment you don’t have to worry about warranties for large appliances, or keeping track of who did what and when for things like a furnace or a water heater. You don’t have to worry about service providers, remembering what company you used the last time you had a problem, and finding their contact information. As much as I am sick of apartment living, it does have a few benefits. This journal has pretty much calmed all my fears of not being able to keep track of house maintenance. It has a section to list out your service providers, a section to record information about renovations or outdoor projects, and (my favorite) a section to keep track of all your appliances and systems, including where they were purchased, the model number and serial number, the warranty information, and records of all maintenance and repairs (including a date, description, and cost). I know I ordered this way in advance, but I wanted to have it during the building process so I can enter all the information for the appliances and systems as they are installed. 

 Homeowner's Journal 2


We took Katie-dog to the vet this week. She needed to go because she had a couple spots on her skin that were infected, but it was almost time for her annual check-up and vaccines, so we hit two birds with one stone. The skin infection is going to require 20 days(!) of antibiotics that need to be given twice a day. We’re setting alarms everywhere because otherwise we’re sure we’ll miss a dose at some point in time, but she’s quite happy to be getting more pills because more pills equal more peanut butter. Unfortunately she’s really shaggy right now, but we’re waiting until her skin clears up until we get her groomed. It turns out the groomer was going on vacation anyway and couldn’t squeeze us in until mid-August….so we’ll be dealing with a super shaggy dog for a little longer. Other than her skin infection, the vet appointment went pretty well considering that she’s a senior citizen. We had started to suspect that her hearing was either completely gone or significantly diminished, and our suspicions were pretty much confirmed by the vet. It’s sad to see a sign that she’s getting older, and it can be a little frustrating when you want to tell her to stop doing something and she essentially “ignores” you because she can’t hear you saying “noooooo!” but overall it hasn’t had a huge impact on her quality of life. Frankly, she always seemed to have some “selective hearing.” She would come when called to get a treat or to get some pets, but would completely ignore you if you were trying to get her off the couch or bed when she was comfy, cozy, and snoozy. She would also only stop momentarily when you tried to get her to a) stop licking herself b) stop rummaging through the trash or c) stop barking. She’s always been a bit stubborn and independent, and I wouldn’t ever have said that she was particularly obedient. So really, the fact that she can’t hear our commands is not resulting in a huge behavioral change. It also means that she is no longer bothered by the vacuum cleaner (which she used to hate), so she’s actually getting a small uptick in quality of life. Go figure. 


We’ve become regulars at our local BMV. You would think that this would make us want to pull out all our hair, but I have to say that our local branch is the cleanest and most efficient government office I have ever seen. Plus, the employees are knowledgeable and friendly. Seriously, I’m not kidding at all. That’s practically unheard of for a BMV. Anyway, I need to get my Indiana driver’s license. I’ve been procrastinating because Indiana is going to make me take a driving exam because they don’t reciprocate Canadian driver’s licenses. I have been able to drive around legally on a Canadian driver’s license, but to actually get an Indiana license I need to take the written test and the practical test. Hypothetically that means I can drive myself to the BMV to take my driving exam. Can you say “stupid”? On Tuesday I went in and took my written exam and thankfully I passed. Whoo hoo! They couldn’t schedule my driving exam until the beginning of August because apparently every 16-year-old in the state is trying to schedule their test before they head back to school. I’m actually a little nervous about the exam, because let’s face it, I don’t always drive like I would in a driving exam. I don’t really feel bad about that, because I’ve got a clean driving record, so obviously I’m doing something right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I could pass the test with my day-to-day driving habits. My hands aren’t always at “10 and 2” (or “9 and 3” or whatever they’re telling kids to do these days), I don’t always stop right before the white line, I probably don’t always put my turn signal on 200 ft in advance (how far is 200 ft anyway!?), and I don’t obsessively monitor my speedometer to make sure I’m not going even 1mph over the speed limit. So yeah, I’m not really looking forward to this little driving exam.

Dave was at the BMV a couple times this week registering his new (well, used, but new for us) car. It was a little more complicated than normal because it is my grandmother’s old car that we imported from Canada. That required some import paperwork, and it needed to be inspected by the police before the BMV would issue a title. When I initially imported my car I registered it in Kansas. The BMV had inspectors on site, so you could get everything done at the same place. Apparently in Indiana you need to go to a police station for the inspection. Dave called up the police station to figure out if he needed to make an appointment or anything like that, and it turns out that (in our area, at least) the police officers make house calls. Dave called me up to explain why I would have a cop at my door within the next hour. The process was actually really simple. The officer showed up, I had to fill out the top of a form, he looked at the car, recorded the VIN, signed the paperwork, and we were done! If you want to be a police officer because you’re an adrenaline junkie, I wouldn’t recommend working in our town. So Dave was able to get a title for his new car yesterday, and we put the top down and enjoyed having a convertible again when we went for our nightly visit to the house lot. 

I have a very happy (and spoiled) husband!
I have a very happy (and spoiled) husband!

 Until later, Ashlen


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  • Thanks for linking up and especially for highlighting me! So sweet. I hope that the pup feels better soon. Have a great weekend!