A Katie-Dog Update

Katie Post-Surgery

Today has been all about Katie-dog. 

Last week, I noticed that Katie had a bit of a skin infection. Katie suffers from atopic dermatitis, which is a fancy way of saying she has allergies and her skin gets itchy all the time. We do our best to manage it with medications, but sometimes she scratches and licks and then gets a secondary bacterial infection. These infections have a tendency to go from minor to out-of-control in a day or two, and that makes her even itchier and super miserable. I didn’t want to get caught out of town for Thanksgiving without having it looked at by the vet, and sure enough they put her on a two week regimen of antibiotics. We have a fantastic vet* who is always really thorough, so she noticed that Katie had a loose tooth. Katie’s had dental problems since I adopted her – the Humane Society had to remove several teeth when she came to them, and she had a couple more removed by my family’s vet up in Canada as well. I knew she was due for a cleaning, and I knew all her teeth weren’t in great shape, so this wasn’t a huge surprise. That said, Katie just had her annual check-up not that long ago, and the tooth problem wasn’t noticed then, so I’m thinking we caught it pretty early! Our vet recommended we get her in for dental work ASAP. Recently Katie had a small benign mass on the back of her neck that had been bleeding a little bit, and she has several of them all over her body, including one that she always gnaws at on her front leg. We decided that if Katie was going under anesthesia anyway for the dental work, then we might as well remove the most problematic of the masses at the same time. The vet schedules all her surgeries and procedures on Fridays….so here we are today.

I dropped Katie off at 9am, and pretty much spent the next few hours worrying about her. Thankfully the vet’s office called with an update around 1:30pm and told me that she was out of surgery, everything had gone well, and she was starting to move around. We could pick her up between 3pm and 6pm. I didn’t know exactly what to expect or how she handled the anesthesia, so Dave came home a little early so he could help me pick her up. I really appreciated his help, because I could carry her out to the car and he could get the doors for me. It was also nice to be able to hold her while he drove, because I’m pretty sure she would have been flying all over the place otherwise. We let her walk around a bit to go potty when we got home, and she looked like she was about to fall over when she went to squat! The poor girl is a little dopey right now. 

When we got into the apartment, I noticed that the spot on her leg where they removed the largest of the masses was bleeding a little bit, so I gently cleaned it up a little bit. She has several patches of shaved hair where they removed the masses – they ended up removing about 9 total, but some of them were right next to each other. She’s got stitches in each location, so she’s looking a bit like a Frankenstein dog at the moment. I put a little shredded in her bowl with half of her normal dinner portion, and she chowed down on it. I think she’s well on her way to recovery!

Until later, Ashlen

*If anyone in the metro Indianapolis area needs a vet recommendation, Katie goes to Michigan Road Animal Hospital on 96th Street and the whole office has been absolutely fantastic. I imagine that there are closer and more convenient vet offices to our current apartment and our future house, but I’ve been so impressed that I will continue taking Katie (and any future pets) over to MRAH @ 96th St.