Today’s #Blogtober14 prompt is “your fall bucket list.” Honestly, this year I don’t have much of a fall bucket list because we’re so busy with building our house and because we’re crammed into a tiny apartment. Next year when we’re in the house, you can bet that I’ll be wanting to go pick out pumpkins to carve, bake pumpkin seeds, decorate my house for the autumn season, and spend evenings out on our lanai in front of the fire. This year my big aspiration is simply to perfect my mom’s apple crisp recipe. That said, if I did happen to have a fall bucket list I would have managed to check off most of it yesterday when we attended an Oktoberfest celebration at our friends’ house. 

I’ll start off by saying that our friend Katrin is from Germany, so she really knows what Oktoberfest is all about. While she didn’t grow up in Bravaria, her mom’s family is from that area so she’s spent a decent amount of time there. They had a Bravarian flag outside, and matching banners and table decorations inside. There were pretzels with cheese, which are always a big hit with Dave and me. Katrin also made her mom’s German potato salad recipe, which was delicious. Katrin’s husband Leif (who works with Dave) added some American flare to the party by deep frying two turkeys for dinner….along with french fries, onion ring, and buffalo chicken bites. There were multiple varieties of Oktoberfest beer and some delicious hot apple cider. To say the least, we were never hungry or thirsty! Leif started up a fire in the afternoon, which turned out to be a brilliant idea because it was cool during the day and pretty cold after dark. 

Oktoberfest Fire

Leif and I have some pyromaniac tendencies. He likes to make the fire bigger, I like to to make it nice and neat and rip roaring warm. It was actually really pleasant to sit outside right by the fire late last night because it kept us warm despite the cool air temperature. And yes, I roasted some marshmallows and made myself a smore

Most importantly we got to spend time good quality time catching up with friends yesterday….and that was priceless.

Until later, Ashlen

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