Pinterest Project: Family Birthday Board

I think all of us who utilize the wonderful website of Pinterest have experienced “Pinspiration” at some point or another. I started off using Pinterest as a place place to reference online knitting patterns, or remind myself of things I liked so that I could put it on my birthday or Christmas list when those times of the year came around. I used it to come up with manicure ideas, and save nail polish colors that I wanted to buy. Obviously it was one of my primary sources for coming up with every wedding-related idea. My florist did a great job creating table settings based off my Pinspiration.

My Wedding “Pinspiration”

Pinterest Wedding Collage

 My Wedding
Pictures by Meredith Sherlock

Wedding collage

So Pinterest can be a pretty awesome tool. It’s also a place that makes you really dislike the thousands of DIYers out there that can make these amazing craft projects. Forget the days when we though Martha Stewart was the only creative genius. Now we realize that there are Martha Stewart clones in our midst every single day. Thankfully, these Martha-clones tend to have slightly more reasonable budgets and everyday tools. Have you ever picked up a Martha Stewart cookbook? I don’t have a fraction of the recommended tools in her baking books. Maybe if I had a 700 sq ft kitchen….

Awhile back I found pins like this one:


This winter I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try to make my own version of this cute crafty project. The blog that this picture came from and a few other blogs provided some instruction, which was good because otherwise I never would have known where to start. Even so, I spent a good hour in Hobby Lobby and some more time at Michael’s deciding what to use for the project.

Curly-Q LetterI bought an unpainted wooden plaque at Hobby Lobby and unpainted wooden nickels at Michael’s. The letters that spell out “Birthday” are Baltic Birch Curly-Q letters from Hobby Lobby. I needed to buy a couple packs of the letters I used for the months because three months of the year start with “J” and the packages only included two.

I used Americana Acrylic Paint. The background of the sign and some of the wooden nickels are painted Navy Blue (DA035). The large letters spelling “Birthdays” and some more of the wooden nickels are painted Antique Gold (DA09). The month letters and matching wooden nickels are painted Deep Burgundy (DA128). I also used Hauser Dark Green (DA133) for the remaining wooden nickels. 

I needed to make sure that the month letters were evenly spaced apart, so I measured out the intervals and placed dots in the appropriate locations. Then I screwed in hooks over the dots. After the paint had dried, I glued all the letters on to the board using a non clogging Super Glue pen. I placed the letters for “Birthday” on the board in advance, so I knew that I would like the placement before they were glued on in a more permanent fashion.

Wooden NickelI wrote the appropriate day and family member name on one side of a nickel, and the person’s birth year on the back. This was done using fine tip paint markers made by Tree House Studio. Silver showed up well on the darker colors (burgundy, green, and navy blue), but I needed to use black on the nickels that were painted in the gold color.

I used a hand drill to make holes in the tops of all the wooden nickels, and in the bottom the nickels that would have another nickel below them on the board. Using a small pair of needle nose pliers (which I found in the jewelry-making section of Michael’s), I connected the nickels using three inter-linked jump rings. Using three rings prevents the nickels from twisting around to the “wrong” side when it’s hung on the wall. Link up the nickels for each month in chronological order. Then hang the nickels on the appropriate month, and voila! You’re done!

This is what my board looked like when I was all done:


 Birthday board

Now that the project is complete we need a place to hang it….

Until later, Ashlen

  • Ok, this is way adorable! It turned out fabulous!

    • Thanks! That means so much coming from an amazingly creative person like you!

  • Amanda

    Loving this! What a cute, creative way to display and remember birthdays!