Stone, Granite, and Stain

I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of progress when we went out to the house last night. I was complaining to Dave that I’m tired of them priming….I just want to see PAINT! While we don’t have paint on the walls yet, I did get a few surprises yesterday.

The first development was very apparent when we drove up…our stone has been delivered! We had been told that it would be delivered “soon” a couple of weeks ago, but when I saw another house in the community getting brick earlier this week I crossed my fingers and hoped that our house was next on the list. The other house was finished up today, so I have a feeling that our stone will be going up very soon (today maybe?!). We picked a combination of three different stones. The masons will mix them up when they’re put on the house, but right now they’re in separate containers.

Exterior Stone Delivery

Indiana Brownstone and White to Grey

My next surprise was in the kitchen….we got backsplash! Unfortunately, everything else is completely covered up so we can only see the backsplash, and not how it looks with the granite. We can kind of see how it looks with the cabinets, but of course we still don’t have the correct cabinet doors on yet. But…I love it so far!

Kitchen Back Splash

Kitchen Back Splash

Our final surprise was the granite in the basement. Again, most of it has been covered up with plastic for painting. The only piece that wasn’t covered was the half-wall seating area….and it was completely covered in construction dust.

Our seating area in the basement.
Our seating area in the basement.
A close-up of the granite  with the dust wiped off!
A close-up of the granite with some of the dust wiped off!

There’s been a bit more progress made in the past few days that I haven’t posted about yet. Earlier this week I got an e-mail from the construction manager letting me know that the stain samples were ready. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but it turns out we needed to pick the number of stain coats we wanted on the stair banister. These are the details that you don’t think about when you start building a house. We decided to go with the maximum (three coats of stain) for the darkest look to match the darkness of our floors. The next day they got to work on staining the banisters. Unfortunately I only took cell phone pictures….


Upstairs Banisters

Our shower was also finished up earlier this week. We chose to use granite for the shelves in our master bathroom shower. The shower was tiled a while back, but it couldn’t be completed until the granite pieces arrived and put into place. 

Master Bathroom Shower

We decided to do a wainscot in our dining nook. When it first went up, before it was painted, Dave seemed a bit concerned that it wasn’t “opulent” enough. Sigh. So I went out and talked to the trim carpenter, and asked if we could spruce it up with some moulding. I looked at a couple different options, picked the size I thought was most appropriate, and approved the change. I posted a picture on Instagram earlier in the week when I thought it was painted. Turned out the stuff I thought was paint was actually just primer. Oops. However, we think it was painted our trim color yesterday. It was dark out, so it was kind of hard to tell!