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Book Review: The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project


Don Tillman is a professor of genetics at a university in Australia. He is brilliant, but socially inept. It quickly becomes clear that he is on the autism spectrum, but despite researching the condition for a lecture, he does not recognize the symptoms in himself. He gave up on the prospect of marrying years before, but the story begins with his realization that he should find a suitable match for himself and avoid disastrous dates by creating a questionnaire for single women. His intention is to screen out all unsuitable matches and find a wife who is perfect for him. Don dubs this “The Wife Project.” While the wife project is initially unsuccessful, his friend and colleague, Gene, convinces him to go on dates to get practice and improve his social skills. Shortly, a girl by the name of Rosie walks into his office, and into his life. Despite a disastrous start to their first date, and Don’s quick conclusion that Rosie is an incompatible match for him, Rosie  sticks around and Don learns that she would like to learn the identity of her biologic father. Thus begins “The Father Project” and a friendship between Don and Rosie. Throughout the project, Don must ask himself why he is helping Rosie for no logical reason, if he is capable of changing, and if he is capable of feeling the emotion of love.  Continue reading Book Review: The Rosie Project

Five on Friday


I’m going to start this post of right with sharing my Blogger Love. Get ready, there were several great reads this week!

All the Joys - Blogger Love


Overcoming Our Insecurities by Melissa from the Rambling LLama posted at Life with Mrs G and the Artist – If you read one post this week, this is the post it should be. Melissa is brave in so many ways, but especially for sharing her story of childhood abuse. 

Journal Swap Creative by Sage the Blog & Love the Here and Now – Cassie and Anne came up with the brilliant idea of a journal swap. This is open to anyone on the internet, not just bloggers! I’ve already signed up, and I’m already looking at different journals. The deadline to sign up is March 9th, so head over to either one of their sites to sign up now! I’m excited to find out who I’m paired with and swap a journal with them – it’s just a really fun idea. Plus there are a million cute journals out there. I’m waiting to find out who I’m paired with and learn a bit about them before I make my final choice!

5 Easy and Small Changes to Make Your Blog Better – Seriously, Sarah? – I love posts like these because I inevitably learn something I didn’t know before or figure out a way to improve the layout or look of my blog. Sarah had several great suggestions and I’m updating my blog accordingly!

Thoughts on Being an Only Child – Cupcakes and Cashmere – I’m an only child. Dave’s an only child. My only cousin is an only child. I’ve had many wonderful friends who are only children. I don’t know if I’ve met an only child that hasn’t loved being an only child. Given that Cupcakes and Cashmere has a huge (gigantic) following, it’s nice to know that Emily is touting the awesomeness of being an only child. Only children have gotten such a bad reputation…it’s actually been used as an insult towards me. Like I had any control over the matter. It’s a stereotype I would love to see come crumbling down.  Continue reading Five on Friday

Book Review: Orange is the New Black

Here’s the deal…I really enjoy the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. I knew the show was based on a book, so I was intrigued. 

Orange is the New BlackSynopsis

If you’ve seen the Netflix show, then you pretty much know the background of the story. If you haven’t seen the show, I promise I’m not giving away any major spoilers. The premise is this: Piper Kerman graduated from a private all-women liberal arts college on the East Coast, and is unsure of the direction she wants to take her life. She ends up becoming involved with a woman who traffics drugs internationally. Paper tags along for some of her international travels, and is finally asked to assist one time by transporting money from the U.S. to Europe. Piper complies, but she finds the ordeal stressful and ends up cutting ties with the woman. She returns to the U.S. where she gets a job, meets a guy, falls in love, and generally lives a normal life. Several years later, her past catches up to her. The drug ring that her ex-girlfriend was involved with is brought down, her name is mentioned, and she gets arrested. A plea deal is arranged, and in return for pleading guilty she agrees to a 15-month prison sentence. Due to good time, she spends just over a year in prison, primarily at a minimum security federal women’s prison in Connecticut. The book is her memoir – of the people she meets in prison, her thoughts on the effectiveness of the prison system, and general stories about the time she spent locked up. Continue reading Book Review: Orange is the New Black