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A Little House Update

I haven’t done a post exclusively about our house in a while, although I have tried to put a few pictures in my Five on Friday posts. But….it’s time to give the house some more attention in the form of a “Frequently Asked Questions” post. 

“When are you closing?”

We’re asked this by just about everyone we come across. Sometimes we’re asked five times or more in a day. The answer has changed quite a bit. “Hopefully before the end of the year!” to “Probably the end of February” to “March 10th” to “April 6th!” We’re hoping April 6th is our final answer, and it is currently penciled in as our close date. 

“What’s the hold up?”

In one word: weather. We expect January to be rotten, but February was colder and snowier than anticipated so we couldn’t get a lot of exterior work done. The masonry, exterior paint, and concrete (driveway, sidewalk, stairs, and patio) were all dependent on the temperature. The stone and paint are now finished, and we were told that we might be getting our driveway poured on Thursday. Dave went out to check on the progress this evening and found out that the concrete was all being poured TODAY. Yay!

DrivewayDriveway 2 Continue reading A Little House Update

Five on Friday


Ok, I know I’ve posted enough about our cabinets here and here, but I have even more updates. The guy who was designing and ordering our cabinets gave me a call yesterday, and that definitely helped ease my mind even more, because I know that he knows what he’s talking about. He gave me more details about our kitchen cabinets. Turns out we weren’t notified about the back order of our cabinets because he thought our order got put in early enough not to be affected. He realized I probably had a near heart attack (I did), and apologized, but he didn’t even know we had got the back order substitute until my e-mail to the builder was forwarded on to him. Turns out the bathroom vanities were his mistake. We’ve decided to keep the sarsaparilla in the Jack & Jill bathroom. Our master bathroom has sarsaparilla, and we’re using the same granite and paint colors in both areas, so I know it will still end up matching all of our other selections. Unfortunately, the sarsaparilla will not work in the basement bathroom, so an umber replacement has been ordered. 

In other wonderful cabinet news, Dave went out and checked on the house yesterday and found that all the cabinets for his wet bar have been installed! (Before only the lower cabinets have been installed, not the upper cabinets). He’s thrilled with how they look, and from the pictures, I’m thrilled too. 

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Update on the Cabinet Debacle

Our builder got back to me about our cabinet issues yesterday, and I’m feeling much better about things now. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post first). My biggest concern was how long we would be set back from our anticipated end-of-February closing date, and I was told that this really shouldn’t cause a delay. Phew! So here’s the deal with each of the problems I noticed….

Winstead 5-Piece Kitchen CabinetsThe kitchen cabinets. Wrong color, wrong material, wrong style. I had no idea how it happened, and I was concerned that fixing it would cause huge delays. Thankfully, this is not the case. Turns our that the cabinets we want (Aristokraft’s Overton laminate cabinets in “Toasted Antique”) are on a national back-order. However the cabinets that were installed (Aristokraft’s Winstead 5-piece maple cabinets in “Antique”) use the same boxes (aka the base units) as our cabinets. That kind of makes sense, because just the doors / drawer fronts are laminate, and the rest needs to be made out of wood. I was surprised that the wood painted in the “Antique” white color was close enough to the “Toasted Antique” of the laminate to look okay. However, I’ve seen the look of the final-product in the model home, and the difference never stuck out to me. I think it looks like such a bright white right now because the cabinet doors are the exact same color as the base, whereas our cabinets have fine brown lines accenting the trim. Anyway, the “incorrect” cabinets were purposely installed so the base units could go in and the rest of construction could proceed, and when our doors and drawer fronts arrive from back order they will go through and replace everything. It just would have been nice to know the situation before I returned from holiday and almost had a heart attack…. Continue reading Update on the Cabinet Debacle

The Cabinet Debacle

We arrived home in Indiana last night, and after unloading Katie-dog and the backseat we immediately headed over to check on the house progress. That’s right, we didn’t even wait to unload the trunk, that’s how excited I was to see my cabinets. We knew that the cabinets were supposed to be delivered and installed while we were gone. It certainly was very exciting to see them, but also very frustrating when I realized that a bunch of things were very, very wrong. 

Let’s start in the kitchen. I love our island. It’s perfect.



I love love love my wine storage in the island.
I love love love my wine storage in the island.

From the pictures you can obviously tell that we still need counters and appliances. The big hole in the island is for our dishwasher. Unfortunately the sarsaparilla finish shows all the construction dust. It will look bea-u-ti-ful once it’s cleaned up a bit!

The perimeter cabinets are another story. We’re supposed to have Aristokraft’s Overton laminate cabinets in “Toasted Antique.” Instead, we have Aristokraft’s Winstead 5-piece maple cabinets in “Antique White.” Wrong style, wrong, material, wrong finish color. We never even discussed or considered the Winstead style. I have no idea what went wrong or how it wasn’t discovered prior to delivery and installation.  Continue reading The Cabinet Debacle

House Update: Cabinets

Last week we had a meeting at Sims-Lohman to discuss our cabinet designs. When I was sent the original mock-ups of our kitchen cabinets I was really excited because they look so amazing. Unfortunately I don’t have the mock-up of the final version yet, because we did make a couple small changes based on our appliance selections. We are using Sims-Lohman for our kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, all of our bathroom vanities, our laundry room cabinets, and our wet bar in the basement. Our bedroom closets, our built-in bookcases (in the great room and in my loft space), our pantry, and the built-in cabinets in my office space will all by done by Innovative Closets (which is a whole separate meeting that we haven’t scheduled yet). If you’re thinking that we have a lot of meetings about this house, you’re right. Welcome to building custom. We tried to count our remaining selections meetings and we started to lose track around 7 or 8….plumbing fixtures, electrical, AV / alarm system, exterior stone, granite, closets, light fixtures, flooring (hardwood, tile, and carpet), and landscaping. Plus we have at least one (I think more like two or three) meetings at the builder’s office to pick out things like shingle color, paint colors (interior and exterior), gutters (or eavestroughs as we prefer to call them in Canada….gutters are in the streets, not on your house!), cabinet hardware, mirrors, and our fireplace mantle. Phew. If you feel exhausted just reading that, imagine how we feel! It will all be worth it in the end, because we’ll be getting exactly what we want for our house. But enough of that talk….on to the cabinets!

Aristokraft Overton Cabinets in Toasted Antique
Aristokraft Overton Cabinets in Toasted Antique

Sims-Lohman will be using Aristokraft cabinets throughout our place. The kitchen cabinets will actually be laminate, which is the only option available for our favorite color option (Toasted Antique). Originally we were going to have dark cabinets, but after deciding that we wanted dark hardwood floors, it only made sense to go with light cabinets so we don’t end up feeling like we live in a cave. There were a couple of styles to choose from…Overton and Durham, and we ended up picking the Overton style (at least I’m pretty sure we did…I didn’t write it down…). All of the other cabinets in the house will be maple wood and in the Landen door style. We decided to do the island in Sarsaparilla, because we love the model home and that is exactly what the model looks like…we will have the same hardwood floors, the same Toasted Antique kitchen cabinets (albeit in a different style) and the same color and style for the island. If gives us a bit of comfort knowing what everything will (kind of) look like in advance. We decided to stick with the Sarsaparilla for the vanity in the main floor powder room, and after a bit of consideration we decided to use that for the master bathroom vanity as well. It is just so dark and rich and elegant, and it will definitely be contrasted with lighter tile floors in the master bathroom. I also really liked the Umber stain, which is a bit lighter than the Sarsaparilla (which can almost look black in some light). We decided to use the Umber in areas with less natural light, so that will include the upstairs Jack & Jill bathroom vanities, the laundry room cabinets, and the vanity in the basement bathroom. We also decided to use it for Dave’s wet bar in the basement. Continue reading House Update: Cabinets