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Father’s Day 2014

Well, it’s Father’s Day, and just like Mother’s Day, I won’t be seeing either of my parents today (although I will be seeing my mother TOMORROW!). Dave and his dad celebrated yesterday with a round of golf. They were joined by Dave’s uncle, and it seems like everyone had a great time. The wives joined up with the men later for a steak dinner. I’ll be using FaceTime to catch up with my dad in just a little bit. Honestly, not having me around for Father’s Day is probably not too bad of a thing for my dad, because it will allow him to go and enjoy a day of fishing on the lake. Without me along, he doesn’t have to worry about me casting his favorite baits into the trees on the shoreline (which I may have done on more than one occasion…). 

I’ll let you in on a little secret about my dad. He’s a huge softy, especially when it comes to his girls. He’s surrounded by girls…not only my mom and me, but their little Mischa-dog, and of course his grand-doggy Katie. It’s a good thing Dave has entered the picture to give him some male companionship. Now that I’m out of the house, Mischa has somewhat taken my place as Daddy’s little princess. He spoils her rotten. Mischa insists on sitting on his lap every single night at the dinner table, and he obliges. He’s mastered eating around her head, and she knows that any food that’s on the plate is off limits. That said, any food that he drops or “accidentally” gets flicked off the plate is fair game. It’s a good thing my parents don’t have a lot of people over for dinner. As I said, he’s a big softy for all of his girls. 

That's my dad teaching me how to golf at age 4.
That’s my dad teaching me how to golf at age 4.

My dad has taught me a lot over the past 27 years. He was the one who first introduced me to golf. He also introduced me to fishing, but I didn’t take to that quite as well. I don’t really like touching the fish…yuck. That’s why he’s always in the pictures of me with a fish…someone has to hold my trophy! He taught me the importance of hard work. I saw how hard he worked for our family to have a comfortable lifestyle. He supported and encouraged me all through school, and believed in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself. He might have been happier than I was when I graduated with my Doctor of Pharmacy! Continue reading Father’s Day 2014