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FitBit One Review

First of all – thank you everyone who reached out to me with encouragement after yesterday’s post. When I first mentioned that I had ordered a FitBit on social media, I got so many positive responses from FitBit owners. I haven’t come across anyone with anything negative to say, and I now I can see why. I’ve fallen in love with this tiny little device!

Picking a Model

When you go to the FitBit website, you can see the summary of all their tracking products:


I pretty much knew I wanted one of the “Everyday Fitness” products. The ChargeHR and Surge have features I simply didn’t want or need, like continuous heart rate moniorting, GPS tracking, and caller ID. I’m sure it’s great for some people, but that’s not what I was looking for in a device. When you’re looking at the “Everyday Fitness” devices, they all have a different combination of features. Obviously all of them track your steps! If you’re just looking to track steps, the Zip is probably for you. It’s also the least expensive model at $60. The One and the Flex are both at the same price point ($100) but have different features. Both of them add sleep tracking, which I think is a cool feature. The One also tracks the number of floors you’ve climbed, which I thought was another cool tracking feature. When you compare the products on the website, it says that the Flex tracks active minutes, whereas it doesn’t show that feature for the One. While I can’t see “active minutes” directly on my One’s interface, I can see it on the mobile app and on my desktop dashboard….so it seems to track it anyway. Go figure. The Charge is higher in price than the One and Flex, at $130. It has the floors climbed feature along with sleep tracking and active minutes tracking. Additionally, it adds a caller ID feature.  Continue reading FitBit One Review

Getting Candid about Weight and Health

Last week, I ordered us FitBits. I don’t really know where the idea came from. Maybe it was the realization that we’re going to have another wedding to go to this summer, maybe it was the thought of seeing my old high school friends for the first time in 10 years this fall. Maybe it was seeing my friend’s new treadmill. Maybe something in my crazy brain just got tired of the way things are right now. For whatever reason, somehow I decided I should look into getting a FitBit. 

The plain and simple truth is that I am not at a healthy weight, and I haven’t been for a while now. 

CLGA Juniors 2004I’ve heard a lot of people say that they’ve struggled with their weight all their life, but that really wasn’t the case for me. I was a really active kid. I grew up playing soccer (outdoor and indoor), running cross country and track, and I even played basketball one year. Don’t forget the fact that I used to be a competitive golfer. During my senior year of high school I spent 3 – 4 hours each day training at the golf course and 1 – 2 hours in the gym, and I did that 5 days a week. When I graduated in May my 5’6” frame was a lean 135 lbs with 14% body fat. For a woman that age, I was on the low end of healthy, and was told that it would be unhealthy for me to let my body fat percentage get any lower. Continue reading Getting Candid about Weight and Health

Five on Friday

It’s time for Five on Friday again, and I’m not quite sure where this week went! I’m pretty sure it was just Monday yesteday…right? Apparently not. Anyway, here’s my Five on Friday list for you this week…


Let’s start out with Blogger Love this week….

Responsible Blogging: An Introduction – Seriously, Sarah?

I don’t know why someone hasn’t done a series like this before. Maybe someone has, but I haven’t seen it. Sarah blog a lot about her medical conditions, primarily cervical dystonia. She does a great job bringing awareness to the condition, describing her personal symptoms, and explaining what therapies she’s tried and how they’ve worked for her. It’s obvious from her writing that she’s done a great job educating herself about her condition, and she’s very clear that she’s talking about her personal experiences, and that her experience might not be what everyone else experiences. That’s responsible blogging. Unfortunately, other people who blog aren’t always as responsible, and it can be dangerous. The sad thing is that we both happened to come across two different posts this week that were prime examples of irresponsible blogging. Their original content contained content that could hurt people if they followed the advice or suggestions given in the post. That is irresponsible blogging. In my opinion, there are many kinds of irresponsible blogging, but posting any kind of medical advice without finding (and preferably citing) good scientific sources is probably the worst kind of irresponsible blogging. Ok, there….end rant. Here’s a great quote from Sarah’s post that pretty much sums things up:

“If you want to write something controversial or even insulting, that’s your prerogative, but there are a few things that you can do to prevent dangerous,  irresponsible, and potentially damaging posts.”

What to say when someone’s told you they’ve miscarried – The “Florkens”

Is it just me or have there been a lot of people in blog-land posting about infertility and miscarriages lately? I feel like I’ve seen as many infertility / miscarriage posts as I’ve seen pregnancy announcements lately. While it’s unfortunate that so many women and their families are struggling with these issues, the fact that I’m noticing something like a 50/50 ratio of infertility to pregnancy announcement posts probably sheds some light on how common infertility and miscarriage problems are for women. Kate’s post about what not to say (and what to say) to someone who miscarried is enlightening, especially for those of us who have never tried to get pregnant and have no first-hand experience. 

All The Joys Friday Favorites

Continue reading Five on Friday