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Stone, Granite, and Stain

I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of progress when we went out to the house last night. I was complaining to Dave that I’m tired of them priming….I just want to see PAINT! While we don’t have paint on the walls yet, I did get a few surprises yesterday.

The first development was very apparent when we drove up…our stone has been delivered! We had been told that it would be delivered “soon” a couple of weeks ago, but when I saw another house in the community getting brick earlier this week I crossed my fingers and hoped that our house was next on the list. The other house was finished up today, so I have a feeling that our stone will be going up very soon (today maybe?!). We picked a combination of three different stones. The masons will mix them up when they’re put on the house, but right now they’re in separate containers.

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Interior House Progress

There is so much progress being made on the interior of the house, I’m going to break it down into bullet points:

  • The trim carpenter returned to add the missing trim pieces on our fireplace and add the trim detailing we requested on the wainscot in the dining nook.
  • Granite installation is complete in the kitchen (including the island!) the powder room, the Jack & Jill bathroom, and the vanity in our master bathroom. The granite pieces for our shower are sitting there but not yet installed. We don’t have any granite installed in the basement yet.
  • The vanity with the incorrect finish color was pulled out of the basement bathroom, and the new (correct) one has now been installed. It looks much better with the tile in that room
  • The correct doors for our kitchen cabinets have arrived! They’re sitting in boxes in our garage, and still need to be installed on the cabinets. 
  • And finally….painting has begun! 

So here’s the thing that makes me really disappointed about this post. We saw that all the granite in the kitchen and the bathrooms had been installed on Friday night. Unfortunately it was dark out, so getting good pictures was nearly impossible. I decided that we should go out to the house on Saturday before heading to the Indianapolis Home Show, solely for the purpose of getting decent pictures in the daylight. Unfortunately my husband was a complete slow-poke getting ready in the morning, and then insisted on stopping for lunch before heading to the house. When we walked in the door, the painters were in the process of covering up our powder room vanity with plastic. I was ready to about swat my husband. So if you’re disappointed not to see pictures of the granite in any of the bathrooms….blame Dave. Had we been out there earlier, I definitely would have had some pictures for you. Sigh

At least I was able to get a couple pictures of the granite in the kitchen….

Kitchen granite

This is the main section of perimeter cabinets (where the doors still need to be replaced) with the granite. The big empty space is where our range top will be installed. Continue reading Interior House Progress

Five on Friday

It’s time for Five on Friday again, and I’m not quite sure where this week went! I’m pretty sure it was just Monday yesteday…right? Apparently not. Anyway, here’s my Five on Friday list for you this week…


Let’s start out with Blogger Love this week….

Responsible Blogging: An Introduction – Seriously, Sarah?

I don’t know why someone hasn’t done a series like this before. Maybe someone has, but I haven’t seen it. Sarah blog a lot about her medical conditions, primarily cervical dystonia. She does a great job bringing awareness to the condition, describing her personal symptoms, and explaining what therapies she’s tried and how they’ve worked for her. It’s obvious from her writing that she’s done a great job educating herself about her condition, and she’s very clear that she’s talking about her personal experiences, and that her experience might not be what everyone else experiences. That’s responsible blogging. Unfortunately, other people who blog aren’t always as responsible, and it can be dangerous. The sad thing is that we both happened to come across two different posts this week that were prime examples of irresponsible blogging. Their original content contained content that could hurt people if they followed the advice or suggestions given in the post. That is irresponsible blogging. In my opinion, there are many kinds of irresponsible blogging, but posting any kind of medical advice without finding (and preferably citing) good scientific sources is probably the worst kind of irresponsible blogging. Ok, there….end rant. Here’s a great quote from Sarah’s post that pretty much sums things up:

“If you want to write something controversial or even insulting, that’s your prerogative, but there are a few things that you can do to prevent dangerous,  irresponsible, and potentially damaging posts.”

What to say when someone’s told you they’ve miscarried – The “Florkens”

Is it just me or have there been a lot of people in blog-land posting about infertility and miscarriages lately? I feel like I’ve seen as many infertility / miscarriage posts as I’ve seen pregnancy announcements lately. While it’s unfortunate that so many women and their families are struggling with these issues, the fact that I’m noticing something like a 50/50 ratio of infertility to pregnancy announcement posts probably sheds some light on how common infertility and miscarriage problems are for women. Kate’s post about what not to say (and what to say) to someone who miscarried is enlightening, especially for those of us who have never tried to get pregnant and have no first-hand experience. 

All The Joys Friday Favorites

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Yesterday was a day full of house meetings. We started off by meeting the landscaper contractor at our house. After that we grabbed lunch and headed home for an hour to prep for our next meeting – A/V (Round #2). That’s all Dave’s territory. Finally we headed out to Whitestown, Indiana to pick out our granite. 

When we first started planning out the house I wanted to make sure that we had granite for our kitchen counters. It was included in the base price of our home, so I checked that off my list and moved on. The other places I wanted to make sure we had granite were our master bathroom  and on Dave’s wet bar, which turned out to be included in the base price. I hadn’t really given it much thought since that time. When I had to think about laminate while we designed our cabinets earlier this week, I realized that we only had laminate in two places – my office nook and our laundry room. That made me realize that we had a lot more counter tops to pick out during the granite meeting. 

We started with the kitchen. There’s more granite in this location than anywhere else. Our kitchen cabinets are an antique white, but we have a dark brown (sarsaparilla) island as a statement piece. The granite we picked needed to be able to go on either option and look great. Thankfully marbles have so many different colors in them that it wasn’t hard to find something we liked in a very short period of time. Even after we looked at slab after slab of options, we came back to the same granite that was used in the model home in our community. If you remember correctly, we’re also using the exact same hardwood floor, kitchen cabinet color and island color as that model home. I guess you could say that we kind of liked it…a lot. We didn’t go into the meeting intending to stick with the same option, but after reviewing everything it just looked so great to us….and we already know what it looks like when it’s combined with all our other options in the kitchen! 

Giallo Ornamental granite
Giallo Ornamental granite

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