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Halloween Reflections

It’s the day after Halloween and I’m still basking in happiness from last night. I’ve been looking forward to our first Halloween in our house for a long time. Halloween in a third floor apartment = no kids. Halloween in a neighborhood FULL of kids = more trick-or-treaters than I could count. I would have to estimate that we had somewhere between 60 to 75 kids at our door last night. 

Because I’ve been looking so forward to Halloween, I really wanted to decorate outside. There’s not much point decorating inside, because we don’t have kids around who would really enjoy it, so I decided to put all my efforts outside for our trick-or-treaters. I knew Dave would come close to killing me if I bought everything I wanted this year, so I started my collection and I’m planning on increasing it by a piece or two each year. I started off with a cemetery kit from target. It included two styrofoam tombstones with plastic stakes that go into the ground, a skeleton head and two arms, a small bag of fake cobwebs (which was more than enough for our front yard), and four freakishly realistic-looking plastic spiders, and a few pieces of fake fencing. I’ll have to replenish my cobweb supply next year, but otherwise everything is re-usable from year to year. Unfortunately, there were two problems with the kit. The first was that the fencing pieces were not going to go into the ground. GraveyardWe have really hard clay in central Indiana, so it might not be a problem if you live somewhere with sandier earth, but the ground was bending the plastic ends of the fence. It was a no-go. Second, we’ve had some decently strong winds throughout October and the larger of the two tombstones ripped off the stakes and blew into our neighbor’s yard. We retrieved the tombstone, but it will need some repair if it’s going to be used again. That said, the smaller tombstone with the skeleton looking like it’s coming out of the ground was fantastic. Tip: don’t do what Dave did and put the arms right up by the head….no one crawls out of the ground with their elbows next to their ears. Be anatomically correct and put our arms down a bit farther! Dave suggested that he could make me some sturdier tombstones that are made out of wood, so hopefully we can have several of those next year for a full-out graveyard. Oh, I also bought a skeleton dachshund from Target for Dave because he has a thing for weiner dogs….he kind of loved it, and it’s creepy enough to go into my display. Skeleton DogNext, I bought a few things from Grandin Road. I had never ordered anything from them before, but I will definitely be a repeat customer. If you’re looking for festive home decor, Grandin Road will have what you’re looking for, and the quality of everything I’ve bought so far has been excellent. My purchases this year included: one zombie, one zombie cat, and a set of three bats. The zombie and zombie cat were both pretty heavy so there was no way they were blowing away and they didn’t need to be staked into anything. Like the skeleton, the zombie looked like it was coming out of the ground. So I put him right by our walkway so it looked like he was coming to grab a little trick-or-treater. We put the cat right on our front porch, and we hung the bats up on the front porch as well. Both the cat and zombie took batteries that we put in yesterday afternoon. The cat’s eyes just glowed red, but the zombie must have had a motion sensor or something and when he went off his eyes were red and he made some creepy moaning and groaning sounds. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween decorations that make sound, but this one was a) subtle (no stupidly insane shrieking) and b) fairly realistic. I’ll have to see what Grandin Road has to offer next year, but I know I’ll be tempted to get another zombie. That said, I really want to get some skeletons that look like they’re crawling up the side of our house. In years to come I’m also going to want some ghosts, mummies, giant spiders…..out get the picture! Continue reading Halloween Reflections

Pumpkin Cookies + Halloween Recap

We had low expectations for Halloween this year. We live in an apartment that never has any trick-or-treaters, and we don’t have any kids ourselves, so there really wasn’t much to enjoy. However, we got an invitation from our friends Adam and Lacey to hang out at their place. Dave has known Adam for a very long time. They went to the same high school, and then lived together for two years at Purdue. I first met Adam and his wife, Lacey, at our wedding just over a year ago. It was the first time that Dave had a chance to reconnect with them in a while because they had been living in Ft. Wayne, which is a couple hours away from where we’ve been living in the Indianapolis suburbs. BUT…Adam switched jobs earlier this year, and that job meant that Adam, Lacey, and their two boys needed to relocate RIGHT NEAR US! I was thrilled when I heard they were thinking about making the move, and even more excited when I heard it was actually happening. They bought a house that is right between where we’re living now and where our house is being built, so even when we move we’ll still be close to them. 

I was really excited for Adam and Lacey to move down to the Indy area because Dave doesn’t really have any of his old friends from home around here. I was also excited because I had really enjoyed talking to Adam and Lacey at our wedding, so I figured we would all get along really well (and I think I was right!). Apparently when Adam and Lacey lived in Ft. Wayne they had a Halloween tradition of having people over for chili. And seriously – what a brilliant idea! Chili can cook unattended in the slow cooker during the trick-or-treating time, and then it’s a nice hearty meal that will warm you up when you’ve back inside from the cold. Speaking of cold, it was a really chilly Halloween this year in Indiana. We actually got SNOW yesterday – which is something I would complete expect in Canada, but it’s definitely not normal for Indiana. 

I don’t like to head over to any get-together empty-handed, so when Lacey invited us to come over I immediately started thinking about what I could bring. As a baker at heart, my mind always goes to desserts, and I knew that I already had all the ingredients for my favorite fall cookie in my pantry. 

I got this pumpkin cookie recipe from the mom of one of my teammates on the Butler golf team. She used to bake these for the team when she came to watch tournaments in the fall. Everyone absolutely loved them, and I’m so glad I have the recipe so I can make them for myself (and Dave, who likes them a lot as well!). 

Pumpkin cookies - a sweet delicious autumn treat // A Diamond with Sapphires Continue reading Pumpkin Cookies + Halloween Recap

Five on Friday – Halloween Edition


#Blogtober14 – Halloween Costume Reveal

Truth: I’m not wearing a Halloween costume this year. It would be different if we had a house and were handing out candy, but that’s not the case. However, we do have some plans for this evening. We’re heading over to our friends’ house for chili and cornbread. I’m going to bake some pumpkin cookies today for a dessert (because what is more festive on Halloween than pumpkin cookies!?). Because I don’t have a picture of my own costume to share with you, I’m going to share something better: our dogs in costumes. It’s from a couple years ago, but it’s still super cute.

Halloween Dogs

Katie looks much more like a half-peeled banana from the side, but those pictures are a little blurry. Same goes for Mischa, but I love the little ladybug antennae. She hates that part of the costume the most, so we have to get pictures quick before she pulls them off. Unfortunately Abby doesn’t have a costume (yet) but I’m sure my mom will find something for her by next year. Continue reading Five on Friday – Halloween Edition

Halloween Memories

Ashlen as Raggedy Ann, 1993

My mom was the mom you wished you had at Halloween as a kid. She sewed all of my costumes. Every year we would go to the fabric store and pick out the pattern for my costume. One year I was a pumpkin, another year I was Raggedy Ann, and one year….I was a cow. Seriously people, I was a cow for Halloween. I have NO idea why I decided to be a cow. Maybe my mom chose it for me because I would just make the cutest cow ever? I was a really cute cow…but that’s beside the point.  Continue reading Halloween Memories