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Indianapolis: Best Restaurants

I’m linking up with Amanda for “Tell Me About Your Town.” Here’s the thing: we live in the suburbs on the north side of Indianapolis. While we don’t live in Indianapolis proper, it is still kind of “our town” and I did live in the city for about 7 years so I know parts of the city pretty well. There are great restaurants all over Indianapolis, but I tend to divide it up into three general locations: 1) downtown 2) Broad Ripple and 3) the north side. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Broad Ripple since I graduated from college, and I know it has changed quite a bit since then, so I’m going to focus on downtown and the north side of town. 

Amanda Moments

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Devour Downtown Winter 2015

I’m not going to lie, usually we’re pretty boring on the weekends. We sleep in, we relax, we snuggle the dog. It’s really not worth writing about on the blog. This weekend is a little more action-packed than most for us!

Devour DowntownOur friends Leif and Katrin (who, as you might remember, had the awesome Oktoberfest party I blogged about several months ago) had the brilliant idea of getting a group of friends together for dinner during Devour Downtown. Devour Downtown is an event in Indianapolis where a ton of the restaurants downtown put together a three-course menu for a set price that is significantly less than the normal price. The idea is that it gets people downtown during a time of year when there aren’t a lot of conventions or other events keeping the restaurants packed to capacity. It happens twice a year – once in the winter and once in the summer. I’m assuming it’s good for the restaurants because so many of them participate year after year. From a consumer’s perspective, it’s fantastic. It’s a great time to try out the pricier restaurants that you don’t usually eat at on a regular basis. St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmicks, and The Oceanaire would all fall into that category. For the record, I highly recommend St. Elmo’s (or it’s sister restaurant next door….Harry & Izzy’s) and McCormick & Schmicks. I have never tried The Oceanaire, but I’ve heard excellent reviews. So if you’re not from Indy and you’re ever visiting us, add those restaurants to your list to try! It’s also a great time to frequent your favorite downtown restaurants (Weber Grill being my absolute favorite!) or to try a new place. This year Katrin got reservations for fourteen (yes, 14!) of us at Adobo Grill.  Continue reading Devour Downtown Winter 2015

CANvitational 2014

Kim is training to be Dauntless.
Kim is training to be Dauntless.

Normally I’m not much of a social butterfly, but lately I’m feeling like Miss Popular. Last week my friend Steph and I headed to Broad Ripple for dinner. Steph and I know each other from our college days at Butler, and Broad Ripple is just down the street from campus. I haven’t been back to that area of Indy in a while, so it was great to see some of the development that has been going on in that area. We headed to a restaurant called Flatwater where we sat outside, enjoyed the nice fall weather, and grabbed a bit to eat. Steph just recently moved back to Indianapolis from southern Indiana, and I’m super happy to have her back! On Friday, my friend Kim told me that she was looking for someone to go to CANvitational with her on Saturday and it took about two seconds for me to tell her that I was IN. Kim is my friend who is constantly on the move. If you ever see me trying new things and or doing something totally out of my normal routine, Kim is probably by my side!

CANvitationalKim managed to win two free tickets for CANvitatoinal, including early admission. My husband was kind of jealous that he was left behind, but he just went on a guys weekend in Chicago so….tough cookies. This is the second year for CANvitational. It is hosted by Sun King Brewing, which is pretty much my favorite local brewery. Of their “house beers” (available all year round) I love Wee Mac Scottish-style Ale. I really want to do a brewery tour one of these days…but I’m getting off topic. CANvitational features craft beers from breweries that can (get it? CANvitational?). There are breweries from all over the Midwest and all over the country, including a couple from the United Kingdom. Over 40 breweries were there, and every brewery had at least two different beers available for sampling. No, we didn’t try them all!  Continue reading CANvitational 2014

Mutt Strut 2014

Mutt Strut 2014

This weekend the entire Mathew family (Dave, Katie-dog, and myself) headed to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to attend Mutt Strut. As I’ve described, before, Mutt Strut is a huge fundraiser for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. My mom took Katie to Mutt Strut the year after I adopter her from the Humane Society (I was studying for exams at the time), but I have never been able to take her myself until this year. 

This event brings pets, primarily dogs of all shapes and sizes (although we saw two cats in a stroller), and their people together. The famous racetrack is opened for a big long walk. There are also a lot of other activities going on, including the opportunity to get your pet microchipped, performances by the Indy Dogs & Disc Club. Doors opened at 9:30am, but the track didn’t open until 11am. We’re a sleepy bunch, so we didn’t show up until around 11:30am. We had pre-registered, so all we had to do when we got there was grab our wristbands, t-shirts, and this year’s doggie bandana for Katie. Continue reading Mutt Strut 2014