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Journal Swap Creative

Today I’m linking up with Anne at Love the Here and Now and Cassie at Sage for the Journal Swap Creative!

About a month ago, Anne and Cassie had the brilliant idea of pairing bloggers together and having them swap journals! Bloggers are writers at heart, so what blogger doesn’t love a journal!? Actually, I haven’t been one to journal a lot in the past but I had been thinking of starting before Anne and Cassie announced this linkup idea – so what better time to start than now!?

When I signed up for the journal swap, I had the option to get a domestic partner or an “anywhere” partner – domestic or abroad. Being a Canadian, I know that foreigners need some love too, so I picked the “anywhere” option…and I’m so glad I did! I was paired with Kimberley, who is the voice behind Peculiar Treasures. Kimberley happen to live in….AUSTRALIA! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, so swapping journals with an Australian sounded really cool to me. The great thing about this linkup is that it allowed us to get to know other each other! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Kimberley – she has such a wonderful heart. 

Ready to send Kimberley's journal off to Australia!
Ready to send Kimberley’s journal off to Australia!

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Friday Favorites

Another week down, and it’s time for round two of Friday Favorites! I have a decent amount to share for my Five on Friday today, so I’ll be dedicating one and two to my favorite blog reads this week, number three is my favorite purchase of the week and four and five are little life updates from the Mathew household. 


Parenting Choices: When a Parent Crosses the Line – A Dish of Daily Life

Michelle has some great content on a lot of different topics. I particularly love her recipes. But this week I’m sharing one of her “op-ed” pieces because I agree with her 100%. Honestly, I don’t really have the guts to post such an opinionated piece, but I’m really glad that Michelle is braver than me! Here’s the gist: a woman posted a blog post about how she provided her 14-year-old daughter with her first joint. As a mother of teenagers, Michelle provides a great response (in my opinion). 


Celebrating the Bride – All the Joys

Not only am I linking up with Meagan for Friday Favorites, but I’m sharing one her posts from this past week because it just looks delicious. 

Sparkling Lemonade with Limoncello

See? Looks delicious, right? Meagan made it for a bridal shower, and I’ll definitely be tucking the recipe away for use in the future! Continue reading Friday Favorites