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FIVE on Friday


WE ARE PROPERTY OWNERS! YAY! We closed on our lot Wednesday afternoon. The lot has felt like it has been “ours” for a long time, but now it’s official. Our blueprint meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 10th. I would like to break ground before July, but we’ll see how it goes. At the property closing meeting the accountant for the building company said she expected that we would be in by the end of the calendar year, which would make me very very happy. I’m sure it would also make Dave happy, given that he almost had an aneurysm when he saw the rent rates we will be paying after signing (another) short-term lease in August. 


I mentioned awhile back that I was considering a trip out to Buffalo, NY. The date isn’t 100% confirmed yet, but it looks like I’ll be making the trip in a couple of weeks. The good part is that my mom will probably come and keep me company, the bad news is that I’m going out there to get yet another consult on my back problems. It’s as good of a time as any to get another consult, because I’ve been in pretty bad constant pain since we returned from Las Vegas. My back gets angry when I walk a lot, and the LV strip and Fremont Street require some walking. I hate to limit myself or to miss out on anything because of my back, but I pay for it in pain later.  Continue reading FIVE on Friday