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Our Unromantic Valentine’s Day

Our Unromantic Valentine's Day

I remember when I was single. Valentine’s Day stinks for singles. It seems like every girl around you is getting flowers, chocolates, and nice dinners from their significant other. If it’s not being shoved in your face at work or school, it’s certainly shoved in your face all over social media. Heck, forget social media, you can’t turn on the TV or the radio without the sad reminder that you are woefully and pitifully alone. It’s even worse when your grandmother sends you a cute little card and your mom sends you some chocolates because, as much as you appreciate their gesture, it’s just one more reminder that you’re depending on your family for a little Valentine’s Day happiness. It’s pitiful. Well, I’m here to tell you something, single people: Valentine’s Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for some of us in relationships either. 

Here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day: everything is ridiculously expensive. Red roses are at an absolute premium, as is any other red-colored flower. Good luck getting a restaurant reservation, especially if the big day falls on a weekend like it did this year. Even if you can get a table at your favorite eatery, you’re likely to get stuck with a fixed-price menu that doesn’t include your favorite dish but does include about 10 courses for a gazillion dollars. You end up leaving so stuffed you don’t even want your husband to touch you for fear that you might vomit everywhere. As I said, this holiday isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Dave’s usually pretty great with holidays. I mean, he stinks at planning ahead so if I want reservations somewhere I would need to make them for us well in advance because he won’t think about it until 11pm on February 13th (or the hour before any other birthday / anniversary / holiday). However, he will get up in the morning and sneak out (which isn’t very difficult because I sleep like a log), and find a place selling flowers and chocolates to bring home for me to discover when I wake up. That’s all very nice, but it’s expensive. This year for Valentine’s Day, I requested he do none of it. 

I know, I’m crazy. What girl doesn’t like flowers and chocolates? Here’s the thing: I like flowers and chocolate but I love other things a lot more. I had already told him that our FitBits were early Valentine’s Day presents to each other, but I don’t think he really believed me. I think he thought I was just saying that and I would still expect the normal gifts on Valentine’s Day morning. That wasn’t the case. I could think of so many other things we want to buy together for our new house. We just spent a decent chunk of cash buying a washer, dryer, and fridge for Dave’s wet bar. We had been debating on adding some extra landscaping to improve drainage…to the tune of a few thousand dollars. We want to buy furniture for the lanai so we can enjoy it this summer, and bar stools for the kitchen and the man cave. We need a new kitchen table and more chairs and couches than I care to count at the moment. We want to buy LED light bulbs for every light in the place, we will need to buy a lawnmower soon after getting into the house, and we don’t want to be completely broke at the end of this process. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not doing all of these things (and more) right away…it’s going to take years. The thought of spending over $100 on flowers, chocolates, and dinner seemed ridiculous when we could be putting that money towards things in our house. Things that will help us enjoy each other’s company for years to come. 

So what did we do for our very unromantic Valentine’s Day weekend? We slept in on Saturday. I fell asleep reading a book Friday night so I actually woke up in the previous day’s clothes. I continued reading my book while I drank my coffee, and Dave slept some more. I took a shower, then Dave suggested that I give Katie-dog a bath. She was stinky, so I couldn’t refuse. He’d been trying to get me to do it for a couple of days. The problem? She’s a sweet little angel for me until I put her into a tub…then she’s a nightmare. She’s generally a nightmare to Dave, but is meek and well-behaved when he puts her in the bath. Go figure. I prefer he give her baths, to say the least. He’s done it the last several times though, so it was definitely my turn. I bathed the little imp while Dave acted kind of like a back-seat driver, telling me where I needed more shampoo and how to rinse all the conditioner out of her fur. At least he was there to hand me a towel for her when we were all done. I wrangled Katie-dog into the towel, then proceeded to let her “spin dry” for a bit before capturing her for the blow dryer. She survived, and she smells much nicer now. After drying my hair a bit we called my parents. After that, I hunkered down and got ready to watch the Butler vs. Villanova basketball game and Dave headed out to the grocery store for some frozen pizzas and wine. In other words, Valentine’s Day was not that different from any other Saturday in our household. I would have preferred that Butler beat Villanova, but alas not everything could go my way. At least it was a close game against one of the best teams in the country. And hey, we’re still sitting #2 in the Big East, aka the toughest basketball conference in the country! 

While the day was kind of unromantic and normal, it was actually pretty great. We relaxed, we had fun, we enjoyed spending time with each other. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about?

Until later, Ashlen