Update on the Cabinet Debacle

Our builder got back to me about our cabinet issues yesterday, and I’m feeling much better about things now. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post first). My biggest concern was how long we would be set back from our anticipated end-of-February closing date, and I was told that this really shouldn’t cause a delay. Phew! So here’s the deal with each of the problems I noticed….

Winstead 5-Piece Kitchen CabinetsThe kitchen cabinets. Wrong color, wrong material, wrong style. I had no idea how it happened, and I was concerned that fixing it would cause huge delays. Thankfully, this is not the case. Turns our that the cabinets we want (Aristokraft’s Overton laminate cabinets in “Toasted Antique”) are on a national back-order. However the cabinets that were installed (Aristokraft’s Winstead 5-piece maple cabinets in “Antique”) use the same boxes (aka the base units) as our cabinets. That kind of makes sense, because just the doors / drawer fronts are laminate, and the rest needs to be made out of wood. I was surprised that the wood painted in the “Antique” white color was close enough to the “Toasted Antique” of the laminate to look okay. However, I’ve seen the look of the final-product in the model home, and the difference never stuck out to me. I think it looks like such a bright white right now because the cabinet doors are the exact same color as the base, whereas our cabinets have fine brown lines accenting the trim. Anyway, the “incorrect” cabinets were purposely installed so the base units could go in and the rest of construction could proceed, and when our doors and drawer fronts arrive from back order they will go through and replace everything. It just would have been nice to know the situation before I returned from holiday and almost had a heart attack….

Jack & Jill Vanity is SarsaparillaWhile the kitchen didn’t turn out to be a mistake, the three bathroom vanities (two in the Jack & Jill bathroom and one in the basement) are most certainly mistakes. They’re all supposed to have the “Umber” finish and instead they’re all in the “Sarsaparilla” finish. I was told that the trim carpenter installed the wrong cabinet in the basement, but I’m having a hard time putting the blame on him because we have no other vanities in the house of that size in the sarsaparilla finish. In other words, a sarsaparilla cabinet was delivered instead of an umber cabinet, and he just installed what was delivered. Plus, the cabinet company’s own spec sheets that are hanging up in the house have that cabinet as being sarsaparilla….which is wrong. Our builder wasn’t sure what went wrong with the upstairs Jack & Jill vanities, and was looking into it. Frankly, I think someone accidentally subbed sarsaparilla for umber somewhere in the ordering and delivery process. Honestly, who the heck knows….all I know is that we’ll be getting umber vanities to replace these sarsaparilla vanities. 

I was concerned about the wet bar in the basement, because the lower cabinets have been installed but the upper cabinets have not yet been installed. I was concerned that the bulkheads might be causing problems. The upper cabinets still have not been installed but I’ve been assured (again) that there are no problems with the bulkhead and the cabinets simply haven’t been put up yet. I’ll feel a lot better once I see them installed. 

Finally, I was wondering if the laminate in our laundry room should have been cut for the sink before it was put on top of our cabinets. Apparently the holes are supposed to be cut later. I would have thought that cutting the holes in advance would be a bit easier, but what do I know? Whatever, as long as I have my sink in the laundry room

I went out to the house again yesterday to see if there was any more progress being made. There wasn’t, which is a bit of a bummer. But, I snapped a picture of all the wood sitting in our garage for the trim work. 


The trim for our house – sitting in the garage, waiting to be installed! #mathewhouse #construction

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Some of the long pieces in the middle and on the top appear to be unstained banisters for our staircase! Eek! 

That’s the end of my house update….for now. I’m hoping to see lots of progress in the next few weeks, so get ready for a whole ton of posts about it because this house = my life right now. 

Until later, Ashlen

  • Jennifer Shwallon

    Hi! I assume you have the Overton Toasted Antique laminate cabinets by now, are you pleased with them? We chose the same cabinets but I read a few poor reviews (regarding their quality) online. I was just wondering what your thoughts on them were. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer! We DO have the Overton Toasted Antique laminate cabinets installed now. We’ve been living in the house for almost 7 months, and so far I love them. They look fantastic, and I definitely don’t have any issues with the quality!

      • Jennifer Shwallon

        That’s good to hear. They seemed really nice in the showroom but sometimes when you hear laminate, you think it might be sub-par to wood. I would just hate to have start the process over again! We’re building as well, and there are so many decisions to make and then I get deterred by poor reviews online. I’m glad I’m happened upon your blog! 🙂

  • Kristy Yankee

    Hello! Finally a blog featuring artisokraft! I am building and am toggling between laminate for a forever fresh-look/ lean ability and staying with a historically more “upscale” painted cabinet. Kitchen guy says people love the freshness and cleanliness of the laminate. Are you happy with your choice? Thanks! Kristy Foxboro, MA